Happy weekend yet again — I hope you have a fun few days ahead of you. We’re coming off another highly difficult and frankly terrible week for the world, so I also hope today’s links can at least provide some welcome distraction, and a few moments of entertainment.

Consider this line of text your Massive Tonal Shift Klaxon.

We had a busy week over at Drinks With Broads, where all subscribers got Tuesday’s edition, where Heather tackled Killers of the Flower Moon, and I waxed poetic about catalogs and got everyone caught up on where we left everyone on The Gilded Age ahead of season two’s premiere on Sunday. As a reminder, The Gilded Age recaps are moving to Drinks With Broads, where they will go out to paid subscribers on (I think) Wednesdays. It’s $5 a month or $50 a year, and you get a LOT of bang for your buck, and we’d love to see you there.

Speaking of Drinks With Broads, on Thursday, paid subscribers got our take on Britney’s memoir, as well as a very weird book mystery and the ongoing confusion around Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Jolie.

Lainey asks what I privately wondered about the news of Meryl Streep and her husband’s (six year long!) separation: “WHO would run to DeuxMoi to talk about a separation that happened six years ago. And why? That’s the question. Who sold Meryl Streep out?”

The LA Times reports: “The hot Gen Z bar in L.A. is Barney’s Beanery. Wait, what?” That headline was exactly my reaction.

I also really enjoy Lainey’s newsletter, The Squawk. This week, they ran down 100 (!!!!) Halloween movies. Very seasonal!

I love these Loewe ads featuring Dame Maggie Smith. [Tom and Lorenzo]

This is fun, at The Hollywood Reporter: Meet the Superstars Who Glam Up Hollywood’s A-List. 

Do you need to see a giant pumpkin painted like Taylor Swift? [UpRoxx]

Related, some service journalism at The Cut: A Guide to the Famous NFL Girlfriends Not Named Taylor. I AM famously interested in a WAG.

Also related: You’ve probably seen this post linked everywhere but it is really funny and well done, at Grub Street: “‘She Eats, She Pays, She Gets the F– Out’ Servers, bartenders, and owners explain what happens when Taylor Swift visits their NYC restaurants.”

This is nice news! Mazel tov to them both! Frances Bean Cobain got married again, this time to Tony Hawk’s son Riley [Celebitchy]

At WaPo, a piece relevant to our interests: “The couple that made fashion pop: Thom Browne and Andrew Bolton — fashion’s power couple — have teamed up for the first time.” I’d argue that getting so many people in Thom Browne for the Met is a sort of teaming up? However, this article is very interesting and also charming. DO NOT read the comments. [gifted link]

Ugh: As Actors Strike Drags On, Despair Descends on Hollywood. That is accurate! A LOT of people have not been paid in months. I don’t just mean the folks on strike, I mean directors and makeup folks and costume people and crew and caterers and the guys who work security and the folks who drive the van and the people who rent the trailers. The greed of AMPTP has a lot of collateral damage; this piece notes the strikes have already cost California five BILLION dollars. [Vanity Fair]

Someone brought this up at Drinks With Broads this week and it is A WEIRD FACT, and a fascinating (and disturbing) story: The Strange but True Story of the Pioneer Woman’s Link to Killers of the Flower Moon. Back in the day, when Pioneer Woman was just like a small indie blog — I use her chili recipe sometimes — I really thought that she and her husband had like… a small ranch and he was a working (literal) cowboy. Did I just… not read very closely? A real possibility. [also at VF]

Do you need a new cute little bag? I rounded some up!

Also I wish I hadn’t seen this chair at Anthro because I REALLY want it despite not needing a new chair and also it’s very expensive. Why haven’t I won the Lotto yet? [affiliate link]

This is cool of DanRad: Daniel Radcliffe Is Producing A Documentary About His ‘Harry Potter’ Stunt Double. David Holmes was paralyzed from the neck down while rehearsing a stunt for the first Deathly Hallows movie, which must have just been awful for everyone (obviously especially David). DanRad and David also apparently have a podcast together, which sounds great. [Pajiba]

This is super interesting: Chimpanzees Go Through Menopause, Too. [NYT, gifted link]

I cannot wait to argue about this one: Every Burger Topping Imaginable, Ranked. (Number one is what you think it is.) [The Takeout]

We had some excellent chats this week and the comments were all very diverting: One on your biggest workplace drama, one on the funniest thing your pet has ever done, and one on your dream hotel.

Finally, I was pleased to be the guest on the Thor’s Hour of Power podcast this week — they are watching The X-Files and we talked about “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” one of my favorites.

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