Happy weekend, y’all! Hope it’s a fun one.

Are you getting started on your holiday shopping? Our gift guide came out this week!

Also, we were guests on the Again With This: Melrose Place podcast this week and I got to complain about Billy and Allison like it’s 1996! Give it a listen!

ALSO also: The Heir Affair is a Kindle Monthly Deal at the moment and you can snap it up for $2.99 if you want! (That’s an affiliate link to Amazon.)

Speaking of books, I was so delighted to see The Royal We get this lovely shout-out in Hillary Kerr’s newsletter, which I LOVE in general. 

Speaking of gifts, the new J.Crew Jodie Turner-Smith/Josh Jackson ad campaign is SOOOOOOO CUTE. (Speaking of which, J.Crew appears to be having a big sale at the moment.) [Lainey; affiliate link to J.Crew]

Speaking of the holidays, ahem: The Sexy Santa Claus Romance Novel is Here and We Know You Want It. (This actually sounds extremely charming.) [Pajiba]

I meant to share this Vanity Fair article when it came out but somehow dropped the ball. It’s still interesting:  “It Seems Very Messy”: The Golden Globes’ Comeback Is Off to a Confusing Start.

Fascinating: The Greatest Unsolved Heist in Irish History [Atlas Obscura]

This is SUCH a good interview with Tom Ford in GQ. (And he answers my questions about how he feels about current Gucci remaking his iconic Gucci suits.)

RELATED, at Fashionista: Great Outfits In Fashion History: Madonna In Tom Ford For Gucci At The 1995 Vmas [Fashionista]

This is an amazing story: The Scientist Who Saved the World [Glamour]

Ooooh, is Jennifer Garner engaged? [Lainey]

DELIGHTFUL: Guy Fieri Just Agreed To Officiate Kristen Stewart’s Wedding. [Bustle]

On the relationships tip, truly this headline reads like a Mad Lib: Kim Kardashian went to Staten Island for a pizza date night with Pete Davidson. (I weirdly like them as a couple. They seem fun! Pete is probably more chill than Kanye, anyway. Kanye is definitely a lot of work as a partner.) [Celebitchy]

This is an excellent piece from our friend Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic: My 8-year-old has been anxiously waiting to get vaxxed. His time has arrived. [LA Times]

So interesting: When Your Mother Is a Ghost Hunter. [Texas Monthly]

Also a hell of a story, at VF: How the FBI Discovered a Real-Life Indiana Jones in, of All Places, Rural Indiana

This is a good piece. I hope he does well this weekend: Making His Marathon Debut, With a Lot of Help From New Friends [NYT]

This post at Habitually Chic really made me want to buy some vintage scarves. (I also loved the related post about Gwyneth Paltrow’s wardrobe in A Perfect Murder.)

This is sooooothing: Bridgerton breakout star Regé-Jean Page’s Instagram is delicious [Socialite Life]