Los Angeles is currently hotter than the surface of the sun and I am going to go stand inside the cold storage at my local liquor store. While I cool my bum on a keg of Natty Light, ENJOY:

– This may be our silliest piece for Vanity Fair yet: Who Wore It Best: GODZILLA V. GODZILLA.

So, this story about the oldest active National Park Ranger is SO GOOD. She’s 92, and she’s amazing.  (NPR)

– You guys. Refinery29 has come out with another post about city hall weddings. YOU KNOW I LOVE THESE. I literally have never made it through an entire post without misting up.

– On that topic, Never Underdressed put together a slideshow of 50 memorable wedding dresses from the movies. Swoon.

– Flavorwire looks at the 25 Greatest Homes in Literature in honor of Daphne du Maurier’s birthday; I admit that when I saw the headline, I thought, “if Manderley isn’t on this list I WILL RAGE.” Instead I am raging because they didn’t include Tara from Gone With the Wind, which seems like an oversight. Ditto Howard’s End.

– BCCAmerica’s Anglophenia blog looks at why we Americans have dropped the “U” in so many English words. My assumption was that it was to be difficult.

– Speaking of the Brits, I want to eat everything in this: The Serious Eats Guide to British Sweets

– Racked looks into why Restoration Hardware’s catalogs are SO DAMN HUGE.

Harper’s Bazaar UK has a post that’s JUST a slideshow of really great hotel balconies and it’s so soothing, you guys. So soothing. We need to go to all of there.

– As it is horse-racing season: The 1940s Plan to Replace Jockeys With Robots. (Gizmodo)

– The British Museum asks, The Vandals: Victims of Bad Press? I’d argue, at the very least, possibly bad branding.

– You’ve probs already seen the shot of the new Batsuit from the new Batman, but can’t we all just be happy that at least there are no nipples? (Lainey)

– This is juicy, from The Hollywood Reporter: ‘West Wing’ Uncensored: Aaron Sorkin, Rob Lowe, More Look Back on Early Fears, Long Hours, Contract Battles and the Real Reason for Those Departures.

– This story is about Tom Hiddleston’s new movie, but really it’s about the photo in which he is holding a sock monkey. (Celebitchy)

– From The Wire: All 24 New TV Series for Fall 2014, in Order of How Fast They’ll Be Cancelled.

– On the same topic, Ranking CBS’s New Offerings Based on their Trailers from Interesting to Weak Procedural Bullshit. (Pajiba)