Happy Friday, friends! I hope you had a fun and relaxing week and have a good weekend ahead.

We had a fun time at our newsletter Drinks With Broads this week, where I dove into a VERY WACKY crab museum in Margate (no, wackier than that) and Heather talked about The Diplomat (among other things) for paid subscribers, and free subscribers got to join me in the Kitchen With Miss Piggy and her 1996 cookbook of the same name (a RIDE) while Heather tries the Bleame. Thank you so much to everyone who has subscribed so far!!

ICYMI around here, our Eurovision coverage is ramping up for this weekend’s big events! We rounded up some reasonable Going Out looks! And we talked about road trip games and the best weird things we’ve seen on trips!

This is A GREAT PIECE at the NYT, about the generation of Asian women named after Connie Chung (written and photographed by Connies). It’s so moving and good: Generation Connie. [gifted link]

GO E. JEAN! [NY Mag]

Ugh, MTV News is dead. (This is….a very fraught time to be in media!!!!) THR put together an oral history.

Wow, Beetlejuice 2 is really, really happening. [Lainey]

Relatable: Dodgers’ Mookie Betts staying at an Airbnb to avoid Milwaukee’s ‘haunted’ Pfister Hotel.

I don’t know if I think this book will ever actually come out: “Britney Spears’ memoir delayed: Tell-all tome in chaos over details about her flings with celebs.” [Socialite Life]

Speaking of books by singers: Wait, is Taylor Swift releasing a ‘surprise’ memoir this summer? [Celebitchy]

I regret to note that I agree with this, at Vulture: Ted Lasso Has a Major Character Flaw. (For one thing, what is happening with Keeley professionally? She recently had a PR emergency and did….no PR on her own behalf? Why is anyone writing a statement for someone who owns a PR firm? What is happening with that firm? Why is everyone there so weird and silent? It’s a PR firm! Maybe Samantha Jones will take it over and help.)

This is an interesting take on Sydney Sweeney at Lainey.

This piece at the Athletic about the process of merging stats from the Negro League into the stats for MLB is fascinating, and frustrating (and highly logistical). As ever…Rob Manfred messed some stuff up.

Oooh, let’s peek inside the world’s first cruise ship. [Messy Nessy Chic]

IMPORTANT: 9 Stylish Dogs at the Westminster Dog Show.  [NYT, gifted link]

Also important: Scientists Might Have Found the Best Way to Catcall a Cat [Gizmodo]

Speaking of, do not let me buy these CUTE vintage day-of-the-week kitchen towels with Scottie dogs embroidered on them! [Etsy, affiliate link]

Well, let’s see how THIS goes: Elon Musk’s Choice of Twitter CEO Portends a Bumpy Ride [Pajiba]

Now I’m hungry. At Eater: “Wedding food trends come and go, but the memory of eating pureed potato out of a cocktail glass is forever.”

USEFUL: Vanity Fair brings us 27 Can’t-Miss Summer TV Shows Coming in 2023.

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