Happy Friday!

This week, we had a great chat about all the errands we’re missing during this pandemic, and also I rounded up your favorite things to buy in February. We also covered the Golden Globes (such as they were!).

I’ve been trying to catch up on what’s currently happening in Myanmar, and this was a really helpful piece from Brookings: The genie will not return to the bottle: Understanding the pro-democracy protests in Myanmar

This was also a good piece from the NYT: ‘She Is a Hero’: In Myanmar’s Protests, Women Are on the Front Lines

Interesting: SAG Awards Producers Reveal Hour-Long Special Will Be Pre-Taped. No red carpet! This is probably wise, in terms of not giving anyone coronavirus, and it makes sense that the actor’s union would be very cautious about that. [Variety]

The NYT investigates: Did Black Lives Matter Change the Fashion Industry Yet?

At NBC News: What Hollywood’s treatment of ‘Minari’ says about the Asian American Dream

Related, at Lainey: Minari’s Oscar Campaign Features the Star of Award Season. Alan Kim is the cutest.

At Town & Country:  Grace Kelly, Little Edie, Liza Minnelli, and the Untold History of the Barbizon Hotel for Women

Also over at Lainey, this is a super interesting piece about celebrity friendships, pinned to the recent news that Ellen Pompeo and Angelina Jolie are hanging out. Now, I just want Angelina to do a three-episode arc on Grey’s where she plays a brilliant surgeon who sweeps into Grey Sloan (or whatever the hospital is currently named, I can never remember) and SHAKES THINGS UP.

One of you brought this to my attention, and it’s really neat — the V&A has Alexander McQueen’s research library online.

At The New Yorker: Is the Vatican Finally Ready to Get Serious About Women in the Church?

At Pajiba: After Subtweeting Gillian Anderson, Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter (Again) in 9-Minute Instagram Announcement. Doesn’t Alec have better things to do? He has six small children at home!

At Bitch: What, like It’s Hard? The Enduring Legacy of “Legally Blonde”

I am HERE FOR THIS CAST: Rege-Jean Page to star in Neflix’s biggest budget film, with Chris Evans & Ryan Gosling [Celebitchy]

This is SO wholesome: Mae Whitman Reflects on 25th Anniversary of One Fine Day and Her Enduring Friendship with George Clooney [People]

At Jezebel: The Audacity of Magnolia Network

Our friends Tom and Lorenzo did a great piece about the 2021 Costume Designers Guild Awards Nominations

Bustle’s not wrong: We’re All Sadfleck Now

Well worth your time, at Fashionista: Dolce & Gabbana Wants to Move Forward. But in Fashion, Who Earns Forgiveness?

At WaPo: ‘Six’ seemed bound for Broadway glory. Then a pandemic shut it down on opening night.

All this AND now folks who work at smaller stationary companies are alleging that Paper Source is being rotten to small businesses? Calgon, take me away.  [Twitter]