So there was an awards show last night, which I suspect was tops on everyone’s TV list and which all of you absolutely tuned in to watch, right?!?!? (I think at about 8:01 p.m. someone at The CW was like, “Ohhhhh dammit we really should have moved this awards thing to Monday.” It couldn’t kick it down to next Sunday because of the Grammys, but yikes; I’m sure viewership is not huge already, but how many people do we think watched the Critics Choice Awards last night who didn’t have to for work [me]?) The Critics Choice Awards handles both TV and film, and host Taye Diggs got in a gentle and deft dig (a digg!) about what a large and diverse international organization this is, AHEM, GOLDEN GLOBES, and honestly, yes, this show doesn’t have the tradition behind it that the Globes do which is why that one has traction, perhaps it’s time to consider that the newer organization is doing this better than the long-standing one, eh?


Ahem. I tried to split this along TV and movie lines, but in doing so I included many people who participated in the telecast and weren’t nominated, which makes this the bigger of the two slideshows. It’s an imperfect system, but you know who is perfect?


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Zendaya is wearing Valentino (as is becoming our custom, the links in these chunks will take you to the IG page, in case the embeds don’t work), and it’s fantastic on her, surprise, surprise. The simplicity of the dress itself colludes beautifully with her styling. Very few people can make a baggy white tank top look cool. (Also worthy of note: Valentino showed it with the top untucked, or at least blousier [and also a full gold face mask and a cardigan, but I digress], and Zendaya’s interpretation is much better.) Zendaya won the SeeHer Award for being “a woman who pushes boundaries, defies stereotypes and recognizes the importance of authentic portrayals of women across the entertainment landscape,” per The Hollywood Reporter, which sounds like a LOT to give to someone so early on in their career — and yet she IS doing those things and speaking out and up and self-advocating, as well as advocating for others. It is very hard to argue with giving Zendaya an award that amounts to, “She’s KILLING IT RIGHT NOW and she’s also really smart and poised.”

Catherine O’Hara went with black, per usual:


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That is ALSO good styling. The cameo is an unusual choice, rarely seen, but so effective.

Cynthia Erivo was nominated for The Outsider, and may well be again next year when her Aretha series premieres on Nat Geo.


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That is custom Vera Wang; the second slide in the carousel has a still. It has a princess-y cut to it. I want Disney to make a movie about THIS woman.

I missed what H.E.R. did, but she may have presented or just done a little interstitial (a lot of women recorded stuff about the SeeHer award in general). Anyhoo:


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I don’t always love a Miu Miu suit… This has a vague aura of Palm Beach Bedspread to it.

Gal Gadot also dropped by:

She is just extremely lovely. This Prabal combo seems picked for the Zoom of it all, but I actually like it better when you can see the pants with it. (There’s a headshot in this post’s slideshow.)

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon each presented, from what looks like different ends of the same couch, and she looked fabulous on the show. We didn’t see any of her outfit, though, so bless her stylist:


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The third shot in the carousel gives you a fuller view of her Gabriela Hearst, the color of which is my favorite part. I can’t tell if the DRESS is Hearst and the scarf is her own, or if the scarf comes WITH it, or… it’s a whole lot of fringe and I keep wanting Kevin Bacon to pop up in a cowboy hat chewing on some straw. But she carried the yellow beautifully.

Julia Garner is now a perennial nominee at these things:

I love this Christopher John Rogers on her, although I’d have gone with a simpler shoe. It almost feels like the outfit you wear with Fashion Sneakers.

Anya Taylor-Joy worked with Dior again:


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They are giving her some GOOD rich colors.

Uzo Aduba won in custom Christian Siriano:


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This photograph keeps making me think she’s levitating, for some reason? Also, Uzo, whither your feet? We’ve built a whole weird narrative around your taste in shoes! Give the people what they crave!


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Yes, you can definitely tell that Josh O’Connor here (who won again) uses Harry Styles’ stylist.

Finally, Kaley Cuoco wore a D&G suit that I think was not worth it.

[Photos: Getty; Getty Images/Handout/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock; Anya Taylor-Joy by @Pip, Yara Shahidi by Kai Bird, Gillian Anderson by Filip Kartous, all via Dior; Daisy Edgar-Jones from her IG via OdlR; Paul Mescal by Sami Drasin for Prada; Mads Mikkelson by Amber Dixon via Dior]