The big news from this one is that Alan Kim, the little boy who won for his performance in Minari, was so thrilled that he full-on burst into tears during his speech. And you could hear his mother in the background laughing, but not meanly; it was that laugh that somehow means, all at the same time, “Oh my God this is so sweet and touching, but also a little bit funny, and also I don’t know how to stop this so he will smile again, and I can’t even really jump in front of the camera to hug him because I am not dressed for this!” She did obviously do something because he broke into a grin at the end. It was really a wonderful moment? I didn’t grab any photos of it, because I didn’t want it to come across like I am laughing at him, because I am not! He is adorable. I tried to get him smiling instead. Also: VIOLA. And more.

[Photos: Getty; Shutterstock; Getty Images/Getty Images for the Critics Choice Association; Elizabeth Stewart via Greta Constantine; Andra Day by Myriam Santos for Prada; Maria Bakalova by Nick Thompson for Prada; Steven Yeun by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Prada; Spike Lee by Eric Hart Jr. via Dior]