Last week, we talked about our fantasy post-pandemic vacations — a trip where cost and logistics were no objects.  But as much I like to dream about Vespa-ing through Italy with Henry Golding, drinking wine and eating pasta as if gluten doesn’t give me eczema, I actually spend more time fondly remembering all the dumb fun little things I used to do without a second thought, and cannot wait to get back to: Wandering Target with a Starbucks for 45 minutes when all I really needed was Q-Tips and to pick up my thyroid meds; stopping by the local once-a-month flea market to look at vintage sunglasses and succulents and that one booth where they sell dental tools in bulk; braving the teeny tiny Italian market that sells great sandwiches (it’s claustrophobic in there even when you’re not trying to stay six feet from people). I miss my tiny little treats and little weekend errands, and I know I’m not the only one. Which one do you miss most?