Hello, friends. I hope you’re well, and that this upcoming weekend is pleasant for you. It’s been a very heavy week for Americans, following yet another school shooting, this time in Nashville, and I hope you are holding up okay. It has gotten to a point where I am sort of out of words. I gave money to March For Our Lives this time. If you have other suggestions — beyond, of course, voting for folks who are in favor of gun law reform and encouraging your elected representatives to be reasonable — please share them in the comments. Or, if you are also out of words, that is okay.

To other items:

This is an interesting piece on menopause and perimenopause over at Lainey; apparently Drew Barrymore had her first hot flash on air, and it’s actually surprisingly sweet. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are so nice to her.

We recently had a great chat about the most memorable meal you’ve ever had. I also rounded up “normal” spring dresses — which was tougher than you’d think.

FYI: Banana Republic is currently having 40% off sale prices sale; if you were eyeballing any of their excellent sweaters, pop over there and see what you can do. Sizes are limited but you never know! [commissionable link]

In an exclusive at Variety: ‘The Bachelor’ Creator Mike Fleiss Departed Franchise After Investigation Into Racial Discrimination.

So interesting, at Two Bossy Dames: “A Very Bossy Tribute To Way Bandy: The most talented makeup artist in the world.”

Gisele Fetterman wrote an excellent essay for Elle: The Tired Trope of the ‘Power Hungry’ Woman

SUCH a good piece at We Have Notes. This took me BACK! We Have to Go Back: NY Mag’s Iconic Power Girls Cover.

This is…a real ride: BuzzFeed Is Quietly Publishing Whole AI-Generated Articles, Not Just Quizzes. EVERYTHING is a “hidden gem.” [Futurism]

Logistically very juicy: How Rich People Get Divorced in Secret. [The Cut]

Also at Lainey: “Diane Keaton is shedding some light on why she doesn’t date, why she doesn’t ever see herself getting back into the dating scene and why she never married.”

As a person who has what can best be termed Resting Murder Face, I chuckled at this: “Ben Affleck says he has a ‘very unhappy-looking resting face.’” [Socialite Life]

Speaking of faces: Justine Bateman won’t get Botox: ‘I just don’t give a s–t. I think I look rad’. Good for her! I think she looks rad, too. (I on the other hand, DO get Botox and I love it; to each their own!) [Celebitchy]

Pajiba reports news I cannot believe: ‘Riverdale’ Is Back Goddamnit

Fun, at USA Today: Sitting in the nosebleeds for the Final Four? Why fans say you should ‘absolutely do it’

Related, at Esquire: “Eminent Domain (!), a coach in handcuffs (!!), a top-secret Army base (!!!), biological warfare testing (?!). If you think you know the March Madness Cinderella archetype, think again. Florida Atlantic’s backstory is like nothing you’ve ever heard before.”

While we’re on the subject of sports, Eater is asking the real question: Will Baseball’s New ‘Pitch Clock’ Threaten Ballpark Beer Sales?

GREAT question: Why are movies so dark these days? [Polygon]

Finally, we had SO much fun over at Drinks With Broads This Week. Paid subscribers got our coverage of Succession and Yellowjackets, as well as yesterday’s edition containing HOT (UNSUBSTANTIATED) CELEB GOSSIP, me whining about a new X-Files reboot, and intel about a very luxe and fancy jewelry sale that took me down several Wiki deep dives and also onto a website about yachts. Everybody got Tuesday’s missive explaining the Reese Witherspoon divorce (jewelry was maligned), Harry Styles and EmRata, and our query about what’s going on with Zach Levi. It’s a hoot!

Photo by Historia/Shutterstock; A 1920s Lady Inspects Her Face in A Compact Mirror Attracting the Attention of A Handsome Cricketer As A Match Goes On in the Background, 1927.