This is by a recent request — but it’s also an evergreen post because many of us love to get a new dress once the weather turns to a temperature that makes bare legs seem like a reasonable undertaking! This go ’round, I have made a valiant attempt to include primarily what I would call “normal dresses,” i.e., ones without insane cut-outs or extensive ruffles or a million tiers. This was harder than it should have been, given that the Nap Dress’s heyday feels like it was two summers ago. (I say this as a person who sincerely likes her Nap Dress and definitely plans to keep wearing it this spring and summer, but who also doesn’t need another one.) It feels like a lot of labels are trying to Redefine The Dress right now and, like….we don’t need you to do that. We just want NORMAL DRESSES. Before we get into those, though, I need to tell you that if you are still thinking about the white eyelet Zimmermann dress Kate Middleton wore in Australia lo those many years ago, Anthropologie currently has a good dupe. (It’s shorter, though.) Don’t say I never did anything for you!!!

Here’s a whole bunch of hopefully normal-ish spring dresses for you:

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