Are you ready to procrastinate for like three hours? I’m here for you:

– Every week, Heather and I ask WHO WORE IT BEST? for Vanity Fair. Today, the contenders are Juan Pablo v. Chuck Bass.  You guys, he’s Chuck Bass. (Vanity Fair)

– Those of you who follow us on Twitter and are also night owls — or on the other side of the world — know that I cannot resist late night streaming of Murder She Wrote on Netflix. (Netflix has 100% of it on streaming! Say goodbye to productivity!) So I was delighted to take this quiz: Noël Coward or Murder, She Wrote? I scored a very respectable 10 out of 12! (The Guardian)

– THIS will be fun to discuss. The Hollywood Reporter has released their list of the Top 25 Power Stylists. It’s a great feature, because you can click in and read an interview with each stylist, including who their clients are. It’s really, really a good read. (THR)

– Refinery29 interviewed Karl Lagerfeld and he was SO LAGERFELD. He literally says, “My website is my brain.” INDEED. (Refinery29)

This is an interesting interview with Wes Anderson about Grand Budapest Hotel. The part where he talks about miniatures, which they use to great effect in the film, is particularly fascinating to me. (NPR)

– This is just….really, really funny. You will laugh, as President Fitzgerald Grant Does The Crossword. (The Toast)

– I feel certain I can entice you with merely this headline: The Unglamorous Life of a New York City Private Eye (The Hairpin)

– Also this one: Woman accidentally joins search party looking for herself. (Death and Taxes)

– And — rule of threes! — this one: Crush the Best-Dressed List: Our Style Guide to a Century of Dazzling Party Dresses (Collectors’ Weekly)

– The video where J Lo is asked who she’d save if both Ben Affleck and Sean Diddy Puffy Puff Daddy Combs were drowning and she could only rescue one of them is actually legitimately funny. Even if you’ve read what she’s said, SEEING it is really entertaining. (Lainey)

– There is also video of Cumberbatch executing his U2 photobomb on the Oscars red carpet, and what I really want to know is: how did we not know he had such a good vertical until now? (Celebitchy)

– Pajiba reacted to the leak of (ALLEGEDLY) Lilo’s homemade list of all the dudes she’s slept with in the best way: just gifs of people clapping. And let me say, I have THOUGHTS on that list, and it’s that I think some of them are wishful thinking. But the idea of Lindsay Lohan “accidentally” losing the list she made of all of her conquests as a way of getting people to talk about her is kinda brilliant in a deliciously Jackie Collins way. Jackie Collins would TOTALLY write a character who leaked her own little black book to get attention, and I would LOVE that character. (Pajiba)

– Teen Vogue hits us with the 15 Most Exciting YA Books coming out this year. Yay, books! (Teen Vogue)

– Speaking of lists, this round-up of Shark Tank’s 20 Silliest Inventions is VERY funny. (Monkey See blog)

– In similarly important listicles (I am not kidding; this subject matter is one of my favorites), my fellow Real Housewife-watchers will enjoy this definitive ranking of ALL OF THEM EVER. Except DC, because who even remembers them? (The Wire)