Happy weekend, y’all! Hope you are doing well. ICYMI, I rounded up some cute flat-ish shoes for you, and got into a VERY deep Wiki hole this week. Plus: Podcasts!

FYI: The paperback of The Heir Affair comes out in less than a month! We’re super excited that we’ll be paying another visit to our friends at The (virtual) Ripped Bodice on Thursday, July 15th at 5pm PT to celebrate, and even more excited that we’ll be in conversation with the VERY GREAT Casey McQuiston!!!!!!  The Ripped Bodice is offering a 24-hour special 15% off promo code to folks who attend, and they will have signed copies of the book. (Well, signed bookplates.) You can RSVP here!

Saturday is Juneteenth; the Washington Post has a great multi-media piece about the history of the holiday, including a variety of articles that are all worth your time.

This is a beautiful essay; I cried, and you might, too: It wasn’t just anyone who collected the bodies of the hospital’s COVID victims. It was Karl. [LA Times]

Interesting, at The Atlantic: In Sports, Vaccination Isn’t Just a Personal Choice

Vanity Fair couldn’t help but wonder….Can Sex and the City Still Matter? 

This is a very logistics-y and interesting piece: At Olympic Swim Trials, the Battle Is in the Warm-Up Pool [WSJ, subscription required, but I read it through my Apple News link.]

I NEEDED this news this week: The Health Benefits of Coffee [NYT]

This story!! Powerball mystery: Someone in this tiny town won $731 million. Now everyone wants a piece of it. [WaPo]

I thought this was an interesting piece about the question of colorism in In the Heights [Lainey]

Fun, at Bustle: Doing A Reading With J.Lo’s Psychic 

It’ll be interesting to see if this works: Megan Rapinoe & Priyanka Chopra are part of Victoria’s Secret’s big rebrand [Celebitchy]

LOGISTICS: How Naming Rights Became the Art World’s Most Controversial Issue [Town & Country]

I forgot about this: So, We’re Still Doing ‘How I Met Your Father,’ Huh? With Piz? [Pajiba]

I clicked on this so fast: Ask Me Anything: An Internet Q&A with the Guy who was Swallowed by a Whale [Messy Nessy Chic]

OF COURSE we need to discuss this: Bennifer: The Kiss! [Lainey]

I love this sort of thing: New Technology Reveals Hidden Modigliani Portrait [Hyperallergic]

Colman Domingo’s house is SO GOOD! [Architectural Digest]

Fun: Let’s Dig Into Cruella’s Best Costumes in Cruella [Vulture]

Good for them: Ancient Athenians Used a Jar Filled With Chicken Bones to Curse Their Enemies [Smithsonian]