Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’ve got something nice planned. I am picking up some roses I ordered today and hoping not to kill them; please think of me. If you’re on the East Coast, I hear there’s a storm coming and I hope you stay warm and dry.

Do you want to buy yourself a treat for Valentine’s Day? I rounded some up! Are you in the market for a new One Eye show? Everyone shared their favorites!

ICYMI, we’re recapping The Gilded Age! And if you want to catch up on our recaps of And Just Like That, you can do just that here.

This is an exceptional piece at the Washington Post about a California man who bought a former plantation in Virginia, and discovered that he is a descent of people who were enslaved there, and what that’s meant for his family.

This is such an interesting conversation from Nicole Chung at the Atlantic: Talking About Care and Craft With Bryan Washington. 

I sincerely nearly wept reading this interview with Andrew Garfield, who seems like just…..a very very kind and thoughtful person. [The Believer]

There are beaucoup rumors about who Brad Pitt is dating at the moment and if it is Mary-Kate Olsenthat will be some good gossip.  [Lainey]

EXTREMELY my jam: Confessions of an Art World Detective [Town & Country]

Time to check in on Bennifer!! And, perhaps more importantly, J.Lo’s coat in this post is SO CUTE. [Lainey]

Quite a ride and so funny: “Do I Really Need a Toilet? And other questions you can’t believe you ask yourself when you’re looking for an apartment in New York.” Seems like you probably do. [NYT]

IMPORTANT: Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich Answer All Our Questions About Scream [Vulture]

This is a great piece at Elle: How A Pearl Necklace Helped Amy Schneider Make Jeopardy! History. Amy’s the greatest!

SO interesting and logistics-y: Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a costume designer [LA Times]

Also interesting, at Pajiba: The Undoing of Aaron Rodgers’ Mind Has Been in the Works for Years

Ugh: Evangeline Lilly went to the DC anti-vaxx rally to support ‘bodily sovereignty’. I’m just trying to re-watch Lost in peace over here! [Celebitchy]

At Vanity Fair: With Directors, Writers, Producers, and Editors Guild Noms, the Oscar Race Takes Shape

Finally, a reader sent this cover in to us and noted that we all might appreciate this dress, on opera singer J’nai Bridges. It’s SUCH a gorgeous cover: