First off: Just a note that this post accidentally ran for like twenty minutes yesterday afternoon! My bad! I goofed up my dates in our CMS. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek, if you saw it!

We are VERY close to Hanukkah and Christmas! If you need last minute gifty ideas, I rounded up a bunch from Amazon. (Despite what I said in that post, I also just ordered a bunch of stuff from LL Bean. Pray for UPS!) I hope, whatever you have on tap this weekend, that you have fun.

The New York Times SEARCHES FOR MEANING in that insane Katie Holmes look.

Also at the NYT, this piece is VERY fun: Surviving 10 Hours and 32 Minutes at Bergdorf Goodman

Lainey has a really interesting deep dive into Diddy’s romantic history.

This is a good essay at the Cut about being middle-aged. (The author is but 40. I did not allow myself to refer to myself as “middle-aged” until I was about 45. I do plan to live to be very old and kooky but let’s get real.)

Really interesting: TV Has Always Disappeared. This Feels Different. [NY Mag]

Page Six had a cute and interesting piece about the costumes in the new Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie.

This is going to be fun: Skate Canada changes ice dance and pairs rules to allow any 2 skaters to compete together at domestic events. [CBC]

I know I’m in real deranged holiday mode because I just spent a long time pondering if I need a charcuterie board Christmas tree ornament. [affiliate link to Target]

This is a good interview with Katherine Heigl.  [Salon]

I love a great book list. This is the newest from T&C: The 30 Must-Read Books of Winter 2023.

This feels very intense! Austin Butler didn’t see his family for 3 years when he was filming Elvis [Celebitchy]

Lainey runs down the Golden Globes noms — and has a fun tidbit about Tom Cruise — and speaks for me when she says, “we won’t know if the Globes still register as an event worth attending until the night of. Given the lackluster reception for the nominations this morning, the turnout could be dicey. We might see the death of a major awards show! THIS is the drama I care about, not who wins a fancy paperweight.”

OMG somehow I didn’t know he was doing this. At Slate: Just How Much Money Has Eric Adams Lost by Taking His Mayoral Paychecks in Crypto?

I love this annual post at Girls of a Certain Age: A party in a top, 2022 edition

This should be fun: Seth Meyers And Lizzo Go Holiday Day Drinking [Pajiba]

This dramz keeps ticking along: Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes will ‘remain off-air pending the completion of an internal review.’ [Socialite Life]

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