It’s the 30th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast, so ABC did a musical performance last night — some sort of blend of live action and animation, per the press release? I recorded the show, but did not get a chance to see it yet, due to being way behind on Necessary Christmas Shenanigans. Anyway, the show starred H.E.R. as Belle, and somehow I had missed the detail that SHANIA TWAIN played Mrs. Potts?!? She didn’t attend this, and I am sad about that, because she might have worn something tremendous and I hate a missed opportunity. This preview post on the AP has shots of a rehearsal, so you can see some of the costumes, at least.

Please weigh in if you watched. I am dying to know how this sucker went. I ASSUME Shania didn’t bust into “That Don’t Impress Me Much” right in the Beast’s kidnappy face, but… a girl can wish.

[Photos: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, courtesy of Dior; Shutterstock]
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