We made it to another weekend! IT’S A MIRACLE.

Heather and I wrote a piece for Cosmopolitan this week about a woman in West Hollywood who is a “monochromatic” — she only wears pink, and her entire apartment is pink, and her car is pink and literally everything in her life is pink. Even her toilet paper is pink.

The Nordstorm sale ends on Sunday! We picked out a few super cute shoes still available for your footwear needs.

This is an excellent essay at Catapult: Hiking Toward Koreanness: An Adoptee Returns to Her Motherland

This was fun, at The Ringer: The 100 Best TV Episodes of the Century.

I giggled at this headline at Lainey:  WTF is Tom Hardy saying. INDEED.

Important service journalism at Esquire: Lay’s New Tastes of America Line Has a Clear Winner—and Loser. Chips!

While we’re eating, this was good at Afar: Tokyo’s Long Lines Lead to Magic (And Life-Changing Ramen)

At Revelist: Olive Garden Made A Fake Makeup Palette But The People Actually Want It. UNLIMITED BREADSTICKS ON YOUR FACE!

A question for our time, at The Atlantic: Where Did All Those Goats Come From?

Film School Rejects presents THE 60 GREATEST CAPES IN MOVIE HISTORY. All caps required, I believe.

At The Rumpus: Why Writing Matters in the Age of Despair.

At Celebitchy: Taylor Swift & the Enigma of Kaylor’s End: a theory of a friendship breakup

At Pajiba: The Summer of Whirlwind Celebrity Engagements

At The Mary Sue, it’s the trailer for the new Chloe Sevigny/Lizzie Borden movie.

Our friend, the author J. Courtney Sullivan (she wrote The Engagements and Maine and many other great novels), is currently fundraising for a tiny volunteer library in Linden, Iowa, that needs help to stay afloat and which hasn’t been able to buy new books in ages. Take a look if that tickles your philanthropy bone!