Listen, let me be frank: I was bored last night. And so I was browsing the Nordstrom sale again, as one does when one is bored at home and one’s laptop is all cozy on one’s lap, and I thought to myself, “self, there are still some pretty cute shoes for sale here, why not make a good use of your time and write a post about it, instead of thinking things like, ‘do I need more knee-high boots? Or ANOTHER pair of gold booties?'” Spoiler: I DO NOT. However, as an FYI, there are actually a fair amount of good and semi-practical shoe options floating around in this sale still, even though it ends on Sunday.  For example: the shearling-lined Sperry rain boot is on sale, and this very shiny and cute version of the Hunter wellie is also part of the sale, along with a bunch of cute other boots, and booties, and fashion sneaks.  (I have the LL Bean version of that shearling-lined rain boot and I have to say that I love it; I used to wear them a lot when we went to New York for Fashion Week in February, and I also wore them when we were tromping around Oxford in the rain in January researching The Royal We. I do not like the cold, particularly, but it turns out everything is more manageable if your feet are warm and dry.)

ANYWAY, you might need some new booties or boots or fashion sneakers for the upcoming months, as BONKERS as it is to be thinking about riding boots when it’s one kajillion degrees outside. SO BEHOLD:


FYI: GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. This post was NOT sponsored by Nordstrom, or anyone. I can assure you that all shoes were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking La Croix and watching Making It!