Happy weekend, y’all!

The One Fugging Moment montage from Fug Madness is here, and it’s some of Kevin’s greatest work.

Do you need new sunglasses? We picked some out for you!

We also had a really amusing convo about stuff we’ve bought on impulse and regretted.

We really enjoyed doing this interview with Ashley Brooke about The Royal We and The Heir Affair (this is definitely the most we’ve talked about the new book publicly).

I loved this piece at Catapult about Antiques Roadshow.

At The Ringer, this was fun: Power-Ranking the 25 Most Anticipated Reunions in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

At Lainey, Richard Madden might have a new boyfriend and people are SPECULATING! 

This is a DELIGHT, at The New Yorker: Watching Shelley Winters Go Rogue in Debbie Reynolds’s 1983 Exercise Video, “Do It Debbie’s Way”

I also loved this, at Vulture: In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Nobody Was Ever Just a Sidekick. (Although I might have made some different choices of which songs to highlight.)

Interesting, at The Hollywood Reporter, are all these deets about the upcoming Met Gala.

This was pretty amazing, at WaPo, and I can’t imagine how much work it took: An illustrated guide to all 2,339 deaths in ‘Game of Thrones’

At Pajiba, I am very likely going to watch this: Amy, Maya, Rachel (and Tina) Go To Netflix’s ‘Wine Country’

This is so interesting, at Wired: On the Trail of the Robocall King

Per The Mary Sue, in addition to the Jennifer Lawrence adaptation of Bad Blood (the book about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos), now there is going to a TV adaptation of The Drop Out, the podcast based on the same story, and this will star Kate McKinnon. Is…she going to be playing this straight, or is this…a parody? I…have…a lot of questions.

YAY to Dr. Katie Bouman, the woman who figured out how to take a picture of a black hole! [Refinery29]

At Celebitchy: WHOOPS: Lori Loughlin got indicted for money laundering after refusing to take a plea. She played this poorly!!!!

Finally, the teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie came out today and…I might have cried at Carrie Fisher?