Cardi here is accepting something called The Spark Award, given to someone who’s “gone above and beyond” in her career, by the No. 1 maker of cigars in the world. Well, technically it was by Swisher Sweets, the arm of the company that makes cheap flavored cigarillos, which might explain her outfit. Seriously, they have flavors like Blueberry, Boozy Watermelon, Grape, Tropical Storm, Purple Swish, Banana Smash, and Maui Pineapple. So,¬†as much as Cardi’s mane reminds me of a rainbow My Little Pony, she does indeed seem to have gone above and beyond in this one way: finding a sartorial interpretation of their entire product line. (Even her toes got in on the action.) Well, except for Diamonds, which I’d like to point out IS NOT A FLAVOR, but I guess her plastic footwear has the clarity of a fine stone so maybe that’s her tie-in. I would not personally accept any kind of award from a company that sells tobacco unless MAYBE it was called The Smoking Is Vile Award and donated hundreds of millions to lung cancer research and treatment, but whatever. Cardi B and I do a lot of things differently. Like, say, shoes.