I KNOW you want some new sunglasses, my most prized accessory! Nothing is better for making you look mysterious and pulled together! Are you tired? Sunglasses. Did you not feel like putting on mascara? Sunglasses. Are you interested in looking mildly bitchy and totally hot while you walk around Target? Sunglasses. The other best part of sunglasses, to me, is that you can be both a person who invests in pricy ones (I wear [basically] these Chanel aviators almost every single day and when my last pair broke, I replaced them for less via TheRealReal, which is a GREAT place to get designer sunglasses if you don’t need to try them on first) AND also a person who sometimes gets herself a fun cheap-ass pair for kicks (like, I love these that I got on Amazon for $9). (It also makes me laugh that the same brand is selling the sunglasses I wore all throughout college back in the stone ages.) SO MANY OPTIONS. Also: They’re legit good for your eyes. It’s like you need these accessories…FOR YOUR HEALTH. (I also know that y’all like them, because last month, one of the most popular items purchased via our affiliate links were these sunglasses we saw on Meghan Markle. They ARE cute. In case you’re curious, this was the MOST purchased item.)

(PS: As a potentially useful FYI, ShopBop’s big sale starts today, in case you wind up there. It’s 20% off orders under $500, and $25 off orders $500 or more [GO CRAZY, YOU GUYS]. The code for that is EVENT19. This is the sale at which I tend to buy my pricer jeans, and also how I snagged my Duchess Kate Smythe Blazer.]

Anyway, go forth and look hotter, if that’s even possible:

FYI: GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. I can assure you that all dresses were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking fizzy water and watching Summer House.