Rodarte is really doubling down on that Elegant Mermaid Caught in a Net aesthetic this season. It’s like both Mulleavys spent all of last summer watching Top Model cycle six, and were deeply seduced by the episode where Jay Manuel made the girls hang upside down in a giant fishing net in Thailand. I just hope this means that Jade makes an appearance at their next runway show.

Leaving my ANTM musings aside — and I have lots of them; cycle six is so good, you guys! — I do think Ruth looks as fantastic in this as is possible, given that it’s sort of Mermaid in Mourning:

The dress she worn on Monday is also basically the polar opposite, emotionally:

This is not subtle, but I love it.  I also enjoy how — surely inadvertently — the colors of this dress coordinate so well with the left half of NBC’s logo. SYNERGY! Jack Donaghy would would thrilled.

[Photos: Getty]