Lupita, it must be said, has a very CHEERFUL aesthetic. You can see it in her archives — she loves pattern, she loves colors. She rarely, if ever, slouches up to the red carpet wearing something glum or goth or depressive or Fashionably Bored By All of This. I hugely appreciate this.  I understand why Fashionably Bored By All of This is cool, but after awhile, it’s also kind of boring. This is FOR SURE not boring:

It’s also not a dress. It’s pants and a cropped top. See?

I am torn. I both appreciate the whimsy and want a bedspread made of that fabric, and simultaneously have concerns that this feels a little costume-y, and these pieces would be more reasonable if they were broken up and paired with less riotous wardrobe mates. On the other hand…what the hell. Why not be wholly riotous? Life is short.

[Photos: Getty, Instagram]