I’m so happy that Tyler emerged victorious! I would not have predicted it — did not, in fact, predict it; I thought I’d be up here saying, “Henry Winkler won and he’s awesome, but damn so is John Turturro” — but it’s delicious. The Globes put comedy and drama together for the supporting acting categories, and it’s HARD for a comedic performance to win out over the dramatic ones, much less one that’s on regular old network TV (Barry is considered more prestige, and also it’s dark as hell). I hope the only flood at the Abbott set today is one of happy tears. VIVA GREGORY. And he got to grab his trophy in a funky outfit, to boot. Let’s check it out and all the other folks who got the blues on this night.

Side note: If stylists are going to keep dressing actors in that very light blue that may or may not secretly tip into purple, can you please send them out with a card that says, “This is blue in person,” or, “Yes, it’s purple”? I went around on Ayo Edebiri’s dress for AGES and there’s a suit in the purple post later that gave me the same problems. I’m old! I can’t go see it in person! HELP THE ELDERLY BLOGGERS.

[Photos: Jordan Strauss/AP/Shutterstock, Matt Baron, David Fisher, Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock, Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images, Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images]