Happy Friday, Fug Nation! The Emmys are on Sunday, so as usual we will be live-tweeting the red carpet on Twitter at FugGirls, and then ALSO as usual we’ll deluge you with coverage here on Monday.

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That boring stuff out of the way, let’s move on:

– Via WaPo: Skeleton of teenage girl confirms cannibalism at Jamestown colony. !!!!

– At Racked: The Distinct Pleasure of the House Dress. I am wearing a house dress right now!

– A high school student in Sherman Oaks, CA, invented an app to help kids find people to eat their lunches with, which is so sweet, and I hope it takes off like crazy and everyone has awesome lunches from now on. FYI, if you ever run into me or Heather at a social event, please know that you can always hang out with us. Do not be put off by my Resting Murderer Face! (This reminds me, H and I went to see Waitress while we were in New York — it’s wonderful — and a Fug National came up and said hello and it was AWESOME to met her.) [NPR]

– There’s a rumor, via Lainey, that Diane Kruger is dating Garett Hedlund. He was with Kirsten Dunst for several years, until recently, so I can see that he might have a type? (Kiki is now allegedly dating FNL’s Landry, which is delightful.) Diane’s shirt is…compelling.

– Collectors Weekly brings us 7-Up’s Most Beautiful, Hallucinatory Billboards

– At Pajiba, they’re enumerating The Best Performances In an Otherwise Terrible Movie

– At Girls of a Certain Age, they’re talking about top ten wardrobe musts – the kind of post I live for.

– At The New Potato, a classic apple pie recipe.

– I LIVE for the wallpaper in this Victorian house featured on Design*Sponge.

– Over at Celebitchy, I learned that ALLEGEDLY Taylor Swift has set her cap for Zac Efron, which seems like a bad idea all around.

– At Revelist: 9 ways ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘One Tree Hill’ were actually the same show

– And, if you missed anything around GFY this week, some highlights: