This seems like a very smart return to Emma’s Captain Adorable days. Not that anyone ever called her that, but I think it applied, and here still does:

It’s incredibly smart styling. Emma is starring opposite Ryan Gosling — a guy who, I think, would love to have been a smooth-as-silk Rat Pack member and would have walked into clubs snapping his fingers to the beat of a song only he could hear — in a musical drama/romance called La La Land, in which she plays an aspiring starlet. And what better outfit could she pick for a retro-feeling project than a retro-feeling ribbon headband and a dress that looks like every sunny day in southern California. She’s one part Pleasantville, one part 13 Going on 30, a dash of Hayley Mills, and then heaping scoops of her own innate charm.

I’m not ENTIRELY sold on the dress — it looks like it censored itself while she slept — but when the industry wants the world to go see charming, whimsical Emma Stone in a high-concept movie, then it must deliver charming, whimsical Emma Stone on the red carpet. Mission accomplished.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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