She wasn’t the most visible attendee, but let’s face it, we were all curious what monstrosity Heidi Klum would visit upon us at the Emmys. It’s been fertile fug ground for her in the past. The good news is, it’s nowhere near as frightening as The Curious Case of the Showgirl Canary.

The bad news is, it’s still Michael Kors at his least refined. It’s half Boobs Legsly, and half what you’d see on a Bond Girl whose only scene involves doing the tango at a gala before she meets a violent end. Neither is a great look for Heidi; I wish we could keep her head and start from scratch. Oh, but I guess that’s the other piece of good news: She gets to do that every day, and I’m fairly sure whatever she is wearing right this second is already better.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]