First of all: Apologies if you are already well aware of this fact, but I know that not everyone comes here every day, and not all of you follow us on social media, and we are very excited: In case you missed itas per EW:  Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman team up to adapt The Royal We.


In other news:

– I assure you, you want to read Pajiba on Gwendoline Christie.

– This is SO GOOD, at Cosmo: I Dressed Like Cookie for a Week to Get Over My Imposter Syndrome. Please trust me when I tell you it’s worth your click; it’s so much more than what the headline implies.

– Also at Cosmo: “We Can’t Publish the Word ‘Sex'”: What It’s Like to Be the Editor of Cosmo Middle East. It’s interesting. To wit: “The standards of slander and libel here are completely different to [in] the U.S. If someone feels that they’ve been offended by something in the magazine, they just need to prove in court that they felt offended, and that could actually result in a jail time for me. It’s literally the person who puts the magazine out, rather than a fine being slapped on the publisher or something like that. It’s literally a potential jail sentence. Every month when we go to press, I kind of cross my fingers and take a few deep breaths and hope that nothing is going to go wrong, and it hasn’t.”

Did you read about these passive-aggressive AirBnB signs in San Francisco? Do not come for the librarians, you fools! #TeamLibrarians (SF Weekly)

– Lainey has all the scoop on Colin Jost being out as head writer at SNL.

– This is great, at The Toast: All I Want For The New Gilmore Girls Revival Is For Emily Gilmore To Become A Late-In-Life Lesbian

– And I love this, at Avidly: Essays that we, as ladies of early middle age, would like to see written. Including “This Investment Sweater Will Probably Not Solve Your Social Anxiety Problems, But Then Again It Might,” “How to Phrase Insincere Offers of Help in the Kitchen,” and “Perfecting the Art of the Cocked Head “Really?” Response.”

– At Slate, this is a really good article that I highly recommend, about diversity in television’s writing rooms, attempting to answer the question, “On screen, TV is more diverse than ever. Why aren’t writing staffs catching up?”

– As I’m sure you know, it was Back to the Future Day this week. Celebrate with this, on HitFix: The Secrets and the Untold Stories of the iconic ‘Johnny B. Goode’ scene in ‘Back to the Future’

– Chris Rock is hosting the Oscars again! (Lainey)

– At Zulkey: It’s that time of year again: items you can buy me from the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

– This Celebitchy headline made me giggle: Zooey Deschanel explains naming her daughter ‘Elsie Otter’: ‘I love otters.’ I mean, that seems fair.

– Recipe of the week! Or, technically, recipeS: The New Potato has THREE mac and cheese recipes!

– Thanks for this, Mental Floss: Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Shows Links Between Your Favorite Historical Figures

– Finally, I couldn’t resist including this: The Washington Post had a really great piece (I am biased) called ‘The Royal We’ and the revitalization of movie romance. No pressure!