There is A LOT happening in this post, this week, today, and next week. Today, we had a trip to Scotland for Wills and Kate, which I covered earlier. They did other stuff this week, too — see below! — and then next week is going to be bonkers. They, and Harry, have like six events each — several of which are on the same day, and which they all get to do together (which is obviously the best), and then Harry is popping over here to the US for some shenanigans, while Kate is doing other shenanigans and presumably William is going to work to fly people around/staying home and doing a face mask, I dunno. ANYWAY. Stay tuned, is what I am saying, if you like it when those three leave the house together. And in this particular post, we’ve got Harry! Caftans! Tall people! Flags!

In case you missed it, here at GFY:

KATE WORE A TIARA. Also William was there in white tie and no one cared EXCEPT ME. And, presumably, Kate.

Wills and Kate popped out for a reception and she wore lace and he wore a giant rain barrel.

They also took a wee jaunt up to Scotland where she wore THE BEST coat and tried to steal a ship.

And, in news regarding not them but us, in case you missed it, The Royal We is on track to become a feature film, thanks to Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman and CBS Films. We are EXTREMELY thrilled.

And elsewhere:

People has the details on Harry’s upcoming trip to the United States. Fug Nation DC and Virgina, I expect a full report!

– Royalista has a piece on From Commoner To Royal transformations, focusing on Charlene, Letizia, and Crown Princess Mary.

– At the New York Times: The Duchess of Cambridge and Sartorial Diplomacy

–CCTV News has video of basically the entire State Banquet -- well, the bits where everyone wanders in and chats aimlessly and waits for the Queen to sweep in, and then sits down for some toasting and speeching. (If you read The Royal We, that’s the room where Nick’s birthday is held, although we decorated it differently.) There are a LOT of randos in tiaras. (Randos in Tiaras is my new band.) It is weirdly riveting if you are, like me, a hugely nosy people-watcher. (At one point, around 8:50, Cameron wacks some guy on the behind with his invitation.) The royals come in at around 13:00, so you can finally see Wills in his white tie before he disappears behind a plant forever.

The Express has an exclusive and fairly extensive interview with Sophie Wessex.

BBC has clips from the DIY SOS episode on which Harry and William guested, and I think you can watch the entire episode there as well; it’s really quite lovely.

– Princess Lalla Salma wore a VERY BEADED outfit the other night. (Hello!)

– Speaking of movies, at Vanity Fair, Watch Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Have a Wild Adventure in A Royal Night Out

– This is so fascinating, and quite apt, at The Atlantic: How the British Royal Family Became a Global Brand

– Speaking of the Brits, their official social media has started doing their own little weekly Royals Round-Up, which I think is smart, although I would use a more rousing soundtrack. What about “8 Mile” next week, guys?:

– And:

– And finally, Crown Princess Mary brought out the feathers: