HAPPY WEEKEND! I just felt like that needed all caps this week. I hope your weekend will be fun! We had a very diverting chat about all our fall projects yesterday, in case you missed it. We’ve also got a new promo code from our friends at Acorn TV! Use FUGGIRLS30 here for 30 days free. (We’re running a paid promotion with Acorn TV on our Instagram and Twitter, but this blog mention is just a freebie!)

Do you need new flat boots? Do you just WANT some? Well, we rounded a bunch of them up!

WaPo has a good explainer on student loan forgiveness!

This is also great news: Hearing aids are now available over the counter at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Best Buy. That is going to save so many people so much money. [CNBC]

This is so sweet: Librarian finds love notes, doodles in books and shares them with a grateful public. [WaPo]

Diwali is on Monday, and this is such an interesting piece: The Evolution of the Diwali Sweet. The photos are beautiful! [Eater]

I think you’ll enjoy this: You’re Never Too Old for a Miniskirt. [NYT]

This is very interesting — and, like Ellen, I thought this was an open secret: James Corden: Kinda Like Ellen. (Maybe I just thought everyone knew that Corden was an a-hole because he was an a-hole to a member of Fug Nation, for which I have always hated him.) [Lainey]

Important work at Vanity Fair: The 30 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix to Stream This October 

Semi-related, at Vulture: 5 Spooky Podcasts to Check Out Right Now.

This is so interesting! See the Stunning Lobby Cards Keeping Silent Movies Alive. [Smithsonian]

USEFUL: What exactly are “best by” dates — and how do they contribute to food waste? [Salon]

I’m glad he’s hanging in there: Opioid Abuse Nearly Killed Matthew Perry Four Years Ago [Pajiba]

In case you missed the Hailey Bieber/Selena Gomez moment. (Which I thought was very sweet.) [Lainey]

I do NOT need any new household doodads but I do WANT these candlesticks. Is that so wrong?!?! [Anthropologie, affiliate link]

Related, it’s gonna get chilly in my neck of the woods this weekend and that means it’s time for me to remind you that LL Bean’s flannel sheets are the best flannel sheets I’ve ever slept on!! I kinda want these adorable holiday ones; they’re SO cute. I also just noticed that their VERY CUTE sweater print sheets are on SALE. I’ve said this before, but I own those sheets AND I own the sweater that’s depicted in said sheets, which makes it like…sweater Inception? Anyway, it’s all very warm, get cozy. [LL Bean, affiliate links]

Glee has had such a lingering aftertaste: Chris Colfer refuses to see Lea Michele in Funny Girl [Socialite Life]

Should we all indulge in some fantasy vacation planning? The best destination spas in the world. [Conde Nast Traveller]

Honestly, this interview seems very interesting: Julia Fox is a ‘real-ass bitch’ in a sea of ‘phony, social-climbing clout-chasers’ [Celebitchy]

This is fun AND fascinating and has a ton of data: The United States of Cussing: Every U.S. State’s Favorite Swear Word. (Shocker, apparently there was a lot of swearing during the $%#^#&&& insurrection.) [WordTips]

Finally: What….is going on in the UK government this week???????  WOW it seems like it’s been WILD for our British friends lately. Somehow a head of lettuce got involved???

(Photo by Express/Express/Getty Images)