You know “spring cleaning”? How people allegedly get a burst of energy once winter ends and spend weekends beating their rugs and airing out their mattresses or whatever? (My primary intel about traditional spring cleaning comes only from whatever a stern aunt might do in LM Montgomery novels.) Whatever that impetus is, I don’t have it. Instead, I am a person who has FALL ENERGY. I am productive once it’s October! So far this month, I’ve purged my closets, sent in two items to The Real Real, cleaned out my office (which was in a state), took clothes to the cleaner, and took clothes to the tailor. I feel like I need to jump on this productive vibe while it lasts, before I return to my natural slug-like form! My big goal for fall is to get my apartment in order after two point something years of like…slugging around. What about you? Do you have any projects underway right now? Share and we can cheer you on!

(Photo by Dr. Paul Wolff & Tritschler/Corbis via Getty Images)