Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a weekend of thrilling positive life developments and snacks.

First of all, apologies if you’ve already read this in Royals Round-Up, or elsewhere, but Heather and I are thrilled that The Royal We is up for Best Fiction of 2015 Award in this year’s Goodreads Choice Awards. You can vote — for us, or any of the other worthy nominees — here!

Fashionista reports that J Law has left Rachel Zoe BUT! She’s sticking with two of Zoe’s former associates who, for all we know, were the ones dressing her all this time ANYWAY. Call me when she leaves Dior, y’all.

– I LOVE this piece on LitHub from a book cover designer, speaking specifically about redesigning paperback covers, even more specifically the paperback edition of Dept. of Speculation, which is a GREAT cover. It’s extra interesting to me personally, as I know the women at Grand Central who worked on the cover for The Royal We went through like 100 options before we landed on the right on. It is hard and fascinating work.

– At Celebitchy: Alicia Vikander might replace Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander.

– I was at this event! As you will see if you click through, as my tweet is quoted: Carrie Brownstein marries two fans at her L.A. book event.  You guys, it was AWESOME. (Jacket Copy)

– At Women In The World: How Ruth Bader Ginsburg became “Notorious R.B.G.” You guys, she can do more push-ups than I can.

– I really enjoyed this at Cosmo: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a College Professor. (The author, Aileen Gallagher, often edited my and Heather’s work when we wrote for New York, and she was [and presumably still is] a GREAT editor, who has become a college professor.)

– Allow me to quote our friends at The Cut: Say Bonjour to This Justin Trudeau Paper Doll

Refinery29 ordered from a variety of those vaguely sketchy-seeming, yet cheap and highly fashionable, Asian online clothing purveyors you may have run across in your shopping. I TOO once ordered from one of the sites mentioned and the dress was actually quite cute, but VERY short on me.

– Heather and I were some of the writers surveyed for this piece on Mental Floss, but it’s fun regardless: 20 Writers On Their Must-Have Desert Island Read. A LOT of us — including me — wanted to bend the rules to bring all the Harry Potter books.

– Always like to see SMG getting some love — here, from The New Potato.

– Like I wasn’t going to bring you this, from Pajiba: The BBC Just Gave Us the Best Ever Christmas Present: Idris Elba

- Lainey OF COURSE has thoughts about the Blake/Miranda/Gwen/Gavin of it all. (Including some dish that came pre-confirmation.)

– At Vulture: Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban Destroy This Phantom of the Opera Ballad in Front of World’s Most Intense Audience

– I cried laughing reading this when it was happening on Twitter, like, literally tears running down my face. Don’t eat while you read because you might choke. At The Bloggess: Mortification is what bring us all together.