In which Prince Harry HUGS PEOPLE SO WARMLY and also wears a uniform and is basically in Peak Harry Form. Bonus; Wills wears his glasses, which I love; there are good coats; AND I bring you A PUPPY IN UNIFORM.

Also: Wills and Kate have an outing tomorrow, which I will post about when I can — I will be on a plane for part of the day, and blah blah when will I get the pictures boring technological blah — so pop by and check out their coats!

ALSO: Heather and I are thrilled that The Royal We is up for Best Fiction of 2015 Award in this year’s Goodreads Choice Awards. You can vote — for us, or any of the other worthy nominees — here!


– Charlotte Casiraghi allegedly has a new boyfriend. (People)

– I’m just going to give you the headline for this story, at Royalista: Breathtaking tiaras at royal Swedish banquet

– I also love People’s #TBT to their cover speculating that Kate and Wills — attending a friend’s wedding — were betrothed, which, SPOILER, they were.

– At the Royal Hats Blog: Catching Up With The Imperial Royals

– At English Heritage, Lord Hastings, Richard III and an Unfinished Castle

– Prince Daniel gave an interview about his kidney transplant. (People)

– I giggled at this headline, in Hello! Princess Charlotte turns 6 months old: All we know about the young royal. Let me see. We know her parents’ names. We know who her nanny is. We know she’s a baby! I DO think we’ll get photos of her and George in the next month or so. (George’s Christmas pics came out at the beginning of December, which I know because it was a surprise, and it happened while I was at a holiday event with my parents. I WAS JUST TRYING TO LIVE MY LIFE, KATE.)

– Oooooh, look at this tiara at Order of Splendor!

Tatler brings you a GIANT slideshow of Prince Harry pics.

– Okay, so this is in the Daily Mail (I KNOW), so take that with all of the grains of salt you require, but I totally read it because I’m an unconfirmed gossip-loving monster: How Camilla is hunting for a wife for Harry: The Duchess ‘loves to be involved’ in finding ‘right girl’ for the prince. My favorite alleged detail is that Harry is apparently getting the title that we gave to Nick in the book. (We wanted a real one, and didn’t want to use Cambridge, obviously.)

– FINALLY, everyone knows cruise ships are HOTBEDS OF CRIMINALS: