First of all, a reminder that Heather and I will be visiting Chicago on June 6th for the Printer’s Row Lit Fest, and we’d LOVE to meet you, sign copies of The Royal We, talk about pizza, and the blog or whatever else you like. All the details are here, and please let us know if you have any questions! Or you can just cut right to the chase and buy your tickets here. (They’re only $2)

Speaking of The Royal We, we are delighted that Publisher’s Weekly just said, “Royal watchers and chick-lit fans alike will delight in this sparkling tale. Pure fun.” As you may know, we also made the New York Times Summer Reading List! As I said down in Royals Round-Up, that if you are looking for something to read this summer I GUESS I HAVE A SUGGESTION. Anyway,  the book is out now everywhere in the US and Canada, and I think we will have some good news for those of you in the UK/NZ/Oz  soon. Please watch this space!

And now:

Uproxx ranked EVERY “song of summer” since 1985. PREPARE TO ARGUE. Like, for my money, “Promiscuous” should NOT be higher than “Call Me Maybe.” The top three are strong, though.

– THANK GOD. SkyMall is coming back to planes everywhere. (HuffPo)

– I am sure you want to see the Beckhams punting in Cambridge, don’t you? (Stylist)

– And I know you want to go behind the scenes of that Nearly Naked Hot Neville photo shoot. (Attitude)

– Not to mention, that you want to read this Vanity Fair bit with Judy Blume.

– This is funny and sad and wonderful and great and finally something good is coming out of the Entourage movie. (Also, good on you, Jerry Ferrera). At The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Writer Raises $14K in Two Days to Watch ‘Entourage’ Movie for Charity. Because that’s the only way she would agree to see it.

– OH YES: What REALLY Happened Behind the Scenes of Designing Women. (Grantland)

– Have you been wondering why Amal is wearing so much Galliano lately? (Or, at least, two Gallianos in a row?) Her stylist is John Galliano’s partner. (Pret-a-Reporter)

People Stylewatch gets deep into sheet masks. I LOVE SHEET MASKS.

– You know how I am obsessed with articles about packing? (Is that weird? Doesn’t everyone have something like that — a fairly practical subject they can read about ENDLESSLY? Mine are packing, and also articles about Well Stocked Pantries.) This one at The Everygirl is good.

– Over at Pajiba:  8 Sad, Bitter, and Mysterious Fallings-Out Between Once Famous Partnerships. I’m relieved to hear that Kenan and Kel are all right now.

OMG, Selena Gomez is back together with The Biebs? They are SO that couple you know that breaks up and gets back together all the time and eventaully everyone is like, ENOUGH ALREADY I CAN’T. AKA, why Taylor Swift and Selena aren’t friends anymore. (Lainey)

– At InStyle: All the Times Lupita Nyong’o Has Perfected the Twirl

– This Art Garfunkel interview at The Guardian is quite a read.

– Time to pool our resources: Downton Abbey Manor Home for Sale. GFY HQ HERE WE COME! (People)

– Ooh, look at these vintage menus! (Los Angeles Magazine)

– Heather and I are obsessed with Shake Shack (we had Shake Shack twice in three days when we were on our NYC/DC book jaunt) which is why I just sent her this Fake Your Own Shake Shack recipe from Smitten Kitchen with only the words, “FOR YOU” attached.

– And if you like Your Afternoon Man, you’ll love Vintage Dudesday at Retroette!

– This is exciting: Twin Peaks Diner to Be Restored to Its ’90s Glory for New Season (IFC)

– Speaking of damn good cups of coffee, someone is making coffee cups MADE OF COFFEE GROUNDS COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE (Bustle)

– And then Kellan Lutz showed up. (Celebitchy)