….and so that happened. Thank you for sticking around and enjoying all the Oscars shenanigans this week brought us — and being patient as Heather and I got Oscar Brain Fogs toward the end of the week. As always, Fug Nation brought their A game, and we loved Tweeting and Facebooking all y’all, in addition to keeping up with all your comments here on GFY. Hope you don’t let your snark-muscles atrophy too much now that the Oscars are over, because FUG MADNESS is right around the corner. Until then, please enjoy:

– The girls at Forever Young Adult have combined two of my favorite things: drinking, and Anne of Green Gables. I think an Anne of Green Gables drinking game sounds like an excellent way to close out Oscar Week. I really SHOULD be pouring one out for Matthew more often. Now I just need to find my cordial supply…. (Forever Young Adult)

– THIS IS SO AWESOME. It’s a MURDER CLUB. No, the members aren’t killers. They get together to eat fine cuisine and solve cold cases and, presumably, be awesome, because it’s a SECRET SOCIETY. Well. I guess it’s not as secret now that it’s in the Guardian. And it wasn’t really secret, secret. It’s more…oh, just read it.   (The Guardian)

– Rumor has it that Jennifer Lawrence is probably going to be cast as Katniss in The Hunger Games. I would argue that she’s a bit too old for the part, possibly, especially by the time they get around to filming the third movie in the trilogy, but she’s also a VERY good actor, so. I reserve judgment. FOR NOW. (Lainey)

Chad Michael Murray claims he’s dropping the “Michael.” Not around here you’re not, CMM. (Pop2It)

The “writing sheds” of famous authors. Is it wrong that my knee-jerk reaction to that headline was to say, “I WILL NEVER FORGET THE SHED?” which is, of course, a quote from the great work of our generations, the canceled NBC soap Passions? Probably. BUT I WON’T. Also: many of these writing sheds look cold. Didn’t Shaw’s fingers go number? (Re-Nest)

– On the other hand, living in this house — inspired by Barbie — might make my head explode. And I LIKE pink. So there you go. But it’d be better than some of the other pop-culture-inspired houses in this article. The Flintstones one is particularly….Flintstones-y. (Flavorwire)

–  And closing out the architecture section of this week’s F&P: this slideshow of sports stadiums that were never built is really interesting. (Slate)

– Coling Firth could NOT BE MORE DELIGHTFUL. Watch him visit Ellen and show her the mini tuxedo-undies (!!) he had made for his Oscar. With a bonus appearance from a delighted tour group at WB. (Vulture)

– I love this web site, which someone directed us to on Twitter the other day. It is, in its own words, “An alternative archive of the not-quite-hidden but too often ignored fashion histories of U.S. women of color,” and it’s fantastic. The flappers alone! Be still my hat-loving heart.  (Of Another Fashion)

– In your Increasingly Bored of Lilo Lilo Coverage: girlfriend got denied entrance to Madonna’s Oscar party. HONEY. JUST GO AWAY FOR LIKE A YEAR. YOU NEED THE BREAK. Wait and see: two years from now, she’ll be on Celebrity Rehab. It’s sad. (Celebitchy)

– Vanity Fair has an interesting piece on Elizabeth Taylor’s trip to Iran in the 1970s. (VF.com)

This is the best thing ever. Seriously, I can’t say anything or I’ll spoil it, but it rules. (The Daily What)

– Finally, as you know, Heather and I have a YA novel coming out on June 1st, called Spoiled. We’d just like to thank the lovely folks at Bookpage for calling it, “a delicious romp through the world of sudden celebrity.” Delicious! Like sandwiches! (The Book Case)