Monday is our birthday! We’ll be doing a Spoiled and Messy giveaway, so make sure to pop by for a chance to win. Until then:

– Let’s talk about good hair on TV — yes, of course Connie Britton is name-checked. (Pajiba)

– Imagining how other filmmakers would have told Lifetime’s Anna Nicole Smith Story. (The Hairpin)

– Oh, thank god. Emma Stone is a redhead again. All’s right with the world. (Lainey)

– Allegedly, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have had a friend break-up. This makes me so sad. Come on, you guys. Monica + Rachel = BFF4eva! (Celebitchy)

– As you have surely heard, Gawker is relaunching Defamer (YAY! We love Defamer; we wouldn’t still be in business without Mark Lisanti tossing us some links back in the day) and they just got the seriously most charming letter from the Chateau Marmont, telling them to stop live-blogging dinner from there. (Defamer)

– Vulture talks to kid casting agents about how realistic some recent TV casting choices have been HELLO MATTHEW WEINER THAT KID LOOKS NOTHING LIKE JON HAMM. (Vulture)

– Speaking of Mad Men, you must YOU MUST watch it re-envisioned as The OC. (Vulture)

– Let’s learn about the history of the Izod/Lacoste crocodile shirt. It’s very interesting. (Threaded)

- The San Antonio Zoo has a new TWO-HEADED turtle. They named her Thelma and Louise. (Okay, fine: she’s actually twins sharing a shell.) (Time)

Flavorwire put together an AMAZING literary calendar, with an event for every day of the year! (Flavorwire)

Ke$ha’s new jewelry line (yes) is heavy on the tooth-imagery (of course). (People StyleWatch)