THANK GOD IT’S THE WEEKEND. Read this stuff while I start drinking heavily:

– In this week’s Vanity Fair WHO WORE IT BEST?! Heather and I make Brooke Shields and Joey Potter wrestle. Um, figuratively.

– In Unsurprising News of the Week: Lindsay Lohan Issued Final Warning Due to Poor Behavior on SPEED THE PLOW?. (Broadway World)

– Sooooo, the Scottish uniforms for the Commonwealth Games are….not great, Bob. (Telegraph)

People StyleWatch has a wonderful tribute to Eileen Ford, who died this week.

A Belated Tribute to Meshach Taylor and His Groundbreaking Designing Women Character, via Vulture. Well worth your time to read.


– Over at the Archives of American Art, this is awesome: “The Archives of American Art’s current exhibition Artists and Their Models considers the important role of models in the artistic process. A model’s distinct characteristics help bring life and personality to an artist’s idea. Yet being an artist’s muse requires both muscle and moxie. Live models have to ignore their aching limbs and maintain dramatic gazes for hours at a time. They must comport their bodies into awkward positions, often while wearing little or no clothes. Original photographs in our collections offer a glimpse into the work of models. Of these images, I wonder, which of these posers is premier? I have channeled my inner Tyra Banks to rank the top artist’s models in the Archives of American Art.”

– I ASSUME you’ve read the new Harry Potter tidbits, but you will also want to read Margaret Lyons’s take on it in Vulture.

– THIS is my kind of quiz: Which Ryan Gosling Movie House Should You Live In? (Lonny)

Lo “The Hills” Bosworth did the Grub Street Diet this week and I found it charming (and full of food). It reminded me why I always liked it when Lo showed up on the The Hills to tell L.C to Get A Grip.

– Allegedly Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are dating (she just broke off her engagement, so perhaps they’re just hooking up; either way, good for both of you) and I totally support this, actually. They’re both hot and they both seem likeable and entertaining, so way to go, you two hot likeable people. Get it on. (Lainey)

‘The Giver’ Gets a Nail Collection. Which Children’s Book Should Be Next? asks Elle.

– Justin Theroux gave an interview in which he says he hates sweatpants AND mandals. You’re hired! (Celebitchy)

– You guys may not know this, but I am secretly obsessed with articles about how best to pack one’s luggage, and this Cosmo one has some legitimately good tips that might change my life.

– I love this headline: The 25 Most Egregious Emmy Nomination Snubs Of All Time (According to Me, At This Particular Hour, Based on my Current Mood). (Pajiba)