Hello friends! I hope you are hanging in there, amid….gestures around. And I hope your weekend will be restful and fun and restorative.

This is beautifully done, at The Cut: The Monterey Park I Remember. I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley; this particular tragedy was terribly close to home. It’s also absolutely awful that we’re in a place in American history where it feels like every community is getting a mass shooting. Give to Everytown, if you can.

Do you ever think to yourself, “a new notebook will fix this”? WELL. I HAVE YOU SORTED.

I don’t NEED a new bag. But J.Crew brought back their Edie bag and I might want a new bag. The size is so nice! You can monogram! A lot of my day-to-day bags are starting to look ratty, because I am TOUGH on my purses. [commissionable link]

This is a really interesting (and data-based!) piece on Robyn and Juan Dixon of Real Housewives of Potomac getting remarried. I don’t know about Juan Dixon sometimes!! (Although he is, admittedly, very hot.) There is some not-great stuff coming out of Coppin State, where he’s the head coach of the basketball team? Plus there are infidelity rumors? (I do not necessarily believe the Grand Dame on this one, to be clear.) PLUS I feel like sometimes he’s not as supportive of Robyn as he should be — remember last season when he kept telling her she was being lazy when she was clearly depressed?! This concludes our trip into the Bravo Cinematic Universe. For now. I WILL ALWAYS HAVE THOUGHTS! [Lainey]

OMG. I love Dashing Diva’s nail stickers and this is A RIDE. They were going to go MLM and….it didn’t go over well. [Behind MLM]

I spend a lot of time on Reddit reading — well, all kinds of stuff! I thought this was a very interesting discussion at the Frugal subReddit: What have you stopped buying because of the price increases?

LOGISTICS: The Corporate Cafeteria Is Broken. So How to Feed Workers? [NYT]

I also low-key am into these wide-leg-ish chinos? (I’m going to put together a Pants Post soon, by request!) J.Crew has a lot of wide-leg pants right now. [also commissionable at J.Crew]

The Lopez/Garner blended family seems to be very tight and it’s so sweet to me! [Lainey]

Love this, at Habitually Chic: Daniel Craig’s Style as Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion

Relevant to many interests here: New dresses, new traditions: Jill Biden’s inaugural ensembles go on view. [National Museum of American History AKA the Smithsonian]

A really fun piece at Evil Witches about what it’s like to be what I’m gonna call “a normal person” who goes to awards shows with/as a nominated person. The key seems to be snacks.

Related and useful: How to Watch and Stream Every 2023 Oscar-Nominated Movie [Vulture]

We had a very fun chat about the Oscar nominations here earlier this week, actually!

This is such a wild story, thank god he is okay! Or, I guess, to be more precise, thank god he didn’t die — as it seems like he surely has a long road ahead of him. “Jeremy Renner was not impaired during snowplowing accident, tried to save nephew from being crushed by machine when actor was ran over, sheriff reveals.”

was wondering this: ‘Accused’ Is Fox’s Hugely Popular New Series, But Is It Any Good? [Pajiba]

Did you know that Columbo — YES THAT COLUMBO — is hot again? [Slate]

Interesting piece about the late Nikki Finke, at the NYT: The Last Days of Hollywood’s Most Reviled Reporter.

I want one of these for every character! How Bougie Are The White Lotus Beauty Routines? [Into the Gloss]

This is sweet: Brendan Fraser surprised fans by coming to a Mummy screening in costume [Celebitchy]

Will our recent red carpet retrospective cure my Andrea Riseborough Face Blindness??

We also had a nice and hopefully useful chat about your go-to easy dinner.

Finally, I know many of you read and loved Daisy Jones and the Six — as did I! — and I’m really excited for its adaptation. Here’s the trailer:

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