This post is inspired by the fact that I started to work on something on Monday and thought, “this would be so much easier if I had a new notebook.” Friends! I do not need a new notebook. I have three half-filled notebooks in my office already! (In my defense, I want a notebook that is easy to lie FLAT without my having to break its spine; all three of these are so tightly bound! In my OTHER defense, I sucked it up and am using them!) I REALLY wish I could justify buying myself a Smythson, but so far….that is beyond even my capabilities. (Though they do have a decent amount on sale right now, if you’re feeling like treating yourself.) I love this one that just says NOTEBOOK on it. And I feel like I’d be an organized and more elegant person if I had some of these jotter cards from Crane. Can’t you imagine dashing off chic little notes on them at the writing desk in your sitting room? Maybe I’d really get my shit together if I had some personalized notepads! What if I got a fun ink address stamp! That would make sending off my taxes more fun, anyway. Maybe I need a desktop whiteboard!!! The size is right! Actually, as a leftie, THIS notebook might be perfect…. And I’d be lying if I told you I never spent any time browsing vintage hotel stationery on Etsy. (Maybe you need a notepad from the Great Northern Hotel [from Twin Peaks]!)

And look at all of this!

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