Friday at last! This week has been a real journey. We’ve had lots of figure-skating coverage, and if you’ve missed any, you can catch up here. (The post about the women’s skate will be coming soon, and I’m sorry it’s a bit tardy; life got in the way this week.)

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This was fascinating! Meet the production designer behind Black Panther’s Afrofuturist look [CBC]

Heather and I were quoted in the New York Times in this very lovely piece about best friends.

This piece at Vulture is VERY amusing: We Asked a Gynecologist About That Ice-Cream Scene in Fifty Shades Freed

Also at Vulture is this great oral history of the making of Get Out.

Revelist compares and contrasts cheap and pricey nail polish. “If I’m paying $50 for nail polish, it had better cure my acne, bless my crops, and help me win an Oscar. It had BETTER not come the hell off my fingers while opening a bottle of wine (true story).”

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