Happy Presidents Day Weekend, to my fellow Americans, and happy weekend in general to the rest of you. Thanks to the holiday, Heather and I will be following a more relaxed posting schedule on Monday — although, don’t worry, your Downton recap will be up as usual. Monday night is the Grammys, so we’ll come back with a vengeance on Tuesday. Until then:

– I enjoyed this piece in Vanity Fair about actors who broke up, and had to keep working together. Awkward.

– Lainey has scoop on Idris Elba’s love life — an area of GREAT INTEREST to me, thank you very much.

– Also at Lainey, need I say more than the following: Nearly Naked Tom Hiddleston

– Ballerina Misty Copeland recreated several of Degas’s masterpieces of Harper’s Bazaar, and the photos are really amazing.

– There were several great, interesting articles about “Formation” written this week (we linked to several of them in our post about Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance, both in the post itself and in the comments), and Mikki Kendall’s piece for Eater — called Hot Sauce in Her Bag: Southern Black identity, Beyoncé, Jim Crow, and the Pleasure of Well-Seasoned Food –is another one that is well worth your time.

– This is a totally fascinating piece on The Cut about the Gem Palace, subtitled: A jewelry feud, set in Jaipur and on Madison Avenue

– T Magazine brings us ‘Valley of the Dolls,’ by the Numbers

– Am amazing headline at Celebitchy:  Tori Spelling has an alter ego called Terri who pees everywhere

– At Women in the World, Julia Child’s French home to become culinary retreat, with a side of yoga

– I loved this piece in Brooklyn: Unlove Me: I Found Love Because I Got Lucky, Not Because I Changed Myself

– This was very poignant and moving, at The Guardian: I have lived over half of my life: Writer Miranda Sawyer on the quiet desperation of a midlife crisis.”

– At Pajiba, you HAVE to see Kanye’s guidelines for his models. They are…contradictory at best.

Socialite Life has the trailer for season two of Outlander.

– This is from the Daily Mail (I Know), but it’s still worth your look: From canvas to camera: Beautiful paintings from Tolstoy’s time reveal the inspiration behind the mesmerising costumes and sets on BBC’s War And Peace

– And here at GFY, in case you missed it this week, a selection of highlights: