Welcome to this week’s Royals Round-Up, in which at least one royal uses the The Force.

Also: If you missed it on Sunday, Kate had an outing with her RAF cadets. Cake was involved!

–This is an interesting piece in Tatler, and quite royals-adjacent: Kings, shipping titans, heiresses – all sorts of Greeks live in London, but their gilded expat life is being threatened by a Greek  government desperate for funds. Sophia Money-Coutts talks corruption, tax and the old country with the Hellenes-about-town.

– Speaking of taxes, the head to this story about Fergie applying for Swiss citizenship is dripping with shade: “Prince Andrew’s ex-wife says she feels a ‘positive energy’ in the Alpine tax haven and has spoken of her love of the local food and wine”

– Marc Jacobs has named a lipstick after Princess Charlotte. (Hello!)

The Guardian has a piece on the fashion exhibit you saw in the slideshow: Kaftans, round sunglasses and Dior: how the Royals won fashion

People has Kate’s PSA on behalf of mental health care for kids.

PippaMiddleton popped out for the British Heart Foundation Ball where she also gave a speech. (The Duchess Diary)

– Also at People, the King and Queen of Bhutan have had their baby!

– Our friends at Order of Splendor have excellent coverage of Queen Maxima’s trip to Pakistan.

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