As I’ve said many a time about many a person on this website, her head looks FANTASTIC:

And her back looks like a directional chandelier:

Having said that, while I am unmoved by the feather detailing — do they look a little droopy? They seem a little droopy – something about this is lovely to me. It feels related to something someone would have worn for a John Singer Sargent painting, which, as far as I am concerned, is always a good thing.

Less of a good thing, presumably, for her emotional status is that it seems more and more likely that she and Pacey are dunzo for sure. I am sure they’ll both bounce back, but still: pour some out for love. (And then let’s figure who they ought to date next. Heather and I feel like he and Sandy Bullock would make a VERY classy, solid pair. OBVIOUSLY, there’s always Katie Holmes — although she’s allegedly in mad love with Jaime Foxx. I kind of want Diane to go totally off road and date someone utterly unexpected, like…I don’t know. 93-year-old former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, or, like, Landry from Friday Night Lights.)