First and foremost: The Grammys are on Sunday — so are the BAFTAs! — so make sure to pop by on Monday for…a lot of outfits to ogle. Fingers crossed everyone shows up wearing something delightfully bonkers. Until then, some reading material:

– Really interesting, at IndieWire: The Craft of ‘Moonlight’: How a $1.5 Million Indie Landed Eight Oscar Nominations

– I literally cried reading this Los Angeles Times story about a local man who fosters terminally ill children. (Since the story has been published, someone started a GoFundMe for this family; they’ve raised over $100,000 in one day.)

– At Lainey: An interesting look at how Intern George and Amal leaked their pregnancy news to Julie Chen. (That sentence reads a bit like a Mad Lib.) (Also: Yes, Intern George and Amal are having twins! Now he’ll NEVER come into the office.)

– ALSO at Lainey: One of my favorite topics for light reading is Batshit Crazy Things Rich People Do With Their Money (a close relative of When Rich People Murder Each Other, which is also a fave). Johnny Depp has basically gone broke doing batshit crazy things, it seems.

– I loved this essay at Elle: My Weekend at a Sex Lodge

– I enjoyed this interview with Pete Souza, Obama’s official White House photographer. (I love articles about people who have such truly singular jobs; I also had no idea that Souza had been Reagan’s White House photographer as well.) [9u9]

Vogue interviews Lizzo, one of my favorite musicians at the moment: Meet the Rising Musician Who’s Starting a Body-Confidence Revolution. (If you have not chair-danced to Good As Hell, you are missing out. Seriously.)

– At Atlas Obscura: The Little-Known Passport That Protected 450,000 Refugees. This is absolutely fascinating.

Candis Cayne’s house is SO pretty. [Design * Sponge]

– At Refinery29: Do I need these boots? I might need these boots.

– This is fascinating, at Bloomberg: Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm. It’s about a former reporter who is, in their words, “building software to identify trends in unsolved murders using data nobody’s bothered with before.”

– At Racked, this is great: Unraveling the Mysteries of Aztec Secret, Amazon’s Best-Selling Beauty Product. Have you ever used Aztec Secret? I use it all the time. It makes your face feel like it’s going to pulsate right off your head.

– At Buzzfeed: Hollywood Women Are Ready To Burn The World Down

– This speaks to me: Book Pairings for Every Flavor of Ben & Jerry’s I’ve Ever Eaten. [Book Riot]

– Via The Guardian: Portrait of ‘real’ Mr Darcy unlikely to set 21st century hearts aflutter.  Luckily, since Mr. Darcy IS fictional, he looks however I want him to look in my head.

– From Celebitchy: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham are ALSO having a baby and I feel like she must be a little irked at Cloones and Amal for stealing her thunder.

– At Pajiba, this is a fun conversation: What Childhood/Teen Crushes Actually Turned Out Pretty Hot?

– Related: Don’t you want to look at some pictures of Dev Patel? [Lainey]

– This is neat, at The Hollywood Reporter Where Costume Designers Found Classic ‘Jackie’ and Over-the-Top ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ Clothes

– From Refinery29: Can You Tell If These Celeb Hair Changes Were Real Or Fake? This quiz was surprisingly hard.

– Over at Revelist: L’Oreal has released a Beauty and the Beast makeup set and it’s actually really pretty and way less cheesy than I had anticipated. It is CRUELLY not available in America. WHY.

– The very pink fashions of the Georgian era! [All Things Georgian]

– Finally, I think you’re going to want to see Jake Gyllenhaal singing “Finishing the Hat” from Sunday in the Park with George.