What a week; I think I can speak for a lot us when I say that it was exhausting, emotionally and otherwise. I hope some of these links will bring you a small bit of entertainment, or, at the very least, are useful procrastinatory tools.

First, if you missed Fug Nation’s Brag Post on Monday, I really really recommend that you read it — the comments, specifically. You guys are amazing. We’ve got Fug Nationals who’ve swum the English Channel, who’ve helped eradicate Ebola, who are prosecuting war crimes for the UN. So many of you have been on Jeopardy! We’ve got lots of Fug Nation babies on the way! It’s just a really heart-warming and wonderful read, and a much needed one at the moment.

And, in case you missed it on Tuesday, all Fug Nationals can get 15% off everything at GiGi New York with the code GOFUG15. This deal, and a variety of others, are rounded up here.

Also, we did several things for Cosmo this week:

1) The 20 Best Red-Carpet Looks of 2015

Please note! These are not in any order. (We’re also going to cover Best and Worst Looks of the Year Here At GFY Closer To The Holidays, and, yes, I just got carried away with the capital letters.) Go visit and see if your favorites made the list! I am SURE one of them did.

2) 20 Celebrity Breakups of 2015, Ranked From Least to Most Heartbreaking

WHY GOD WHYYYYYYYY? I am sure you can guess whose breakup broke us up the most, but man, everyone broke up this year.

And — finally! — elsewhere:

You probably need a Hamilton Gift Guide, right? (Daisy Razor)

– Related, I loved this at Pajiba: In Defense of Benny from ‘Rent’

– This is very likely relevant to your interests, at The Telegraph:  ‘Carol’ costume designer on making Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara’s characters our new style icons

– This is amazing, at Jezebel: Elizabeth Taylor Ran an Underground AIDS Pharmaceutical Ring to Provide Drugs to Patients

– I LOVED this, at The Awl: A Guide to This Year’s Lifetime Christmas Movies. To wit: “This is the first of two movies in which two people sing a full-length Christmas carol while looking into each other’s eyes as everybody else in the room watches in silent admiration, and this is treated as romantic and fun.”

– This headline from Lainey says it all: Hollywood had a secret meeting about women which is not weird at all. (That said, the meeting itself seems like kind of a good thing.)

– I also enjoyed Lainey’s take on Sandra Bullock’s new daughter, and how good Sandy is at keeping things under wrap. (Also: Louis Bullock is SO CUTE on the cover of People).

– I thought this piece at Vulture, in which a variety of TV professionals talk about TV ratings and their relationship with them, was quite interesting.

– Also at Vulture, you NEED to see this supercut of ANTM where Tyra announces to which foreign country she’s sending the models. I laughed out loud.

– The Business of Fashion asks: What’s Going On at Conde Nast?

– Let’s not kid ourselves. You are going to read this: 21 things Michael B. Jordan looks perfect while doing (Fushion)

The New Potato gives us six ways to make French toast and I WANT THEM ALL.

– At Atlas Obscura: I Spent 4 Years Working at Drunken, Decadent Debutante Balls in New Orleans

– At Women in the World: These forgotten female crime writers had no time for femmes fatales or dowdy housewives

– I am INTO THIS: The Wonderland of Swedish Wooden Toys. That dollhouse! (Hyperallergic)

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Uzo Aduba more, she goes and reveals she used to be…A COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATER. That, and more, in this charming short profile. (The New Yorker)

Here’s your Hiddleston for the week! (Celebitchy)