Whoa. This week’s Royals Round-Up is SUPER-SIZED — in part because I skipped this post last week, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so we’re getting two weeks worth of shenanigans, but also because Harry was in South Africa being completely charming and also riding around on his horse, and I…have a weakness. In addition to that, we’ve got crowns and gowns and babies and all kinds of stuff within, so better get reading.

Speaking of babies! We got new snaps of Princess Charlotte this week, so make sure you check those out if you missed them on Sunday!

And, elsewhere:

– I knew this was going to happen! I just thought it was going to happen to Letizia and Felipe: Norway’s Princess Martha Louise Forgets to Turn off Oven: ‘I Am Glad the House Didn’t Burn Down’ (People)

I mostly enjoyed this piece about Wills going to the annual van Straubanzee Christmas carols because of the story it linked to, about the time Kate went solo to the same event just post-engagement. (People)

– A good read, at The Daily Beast: How Kate Middleton Revolutionized the Royal Christmas

– Grazia says Kate has a new stylist.

– This cracked me up, at The Telegraph: Kate Middleton’s home village in uproar over ‘eyesore’ gate posts; Villagers called for the commemorative gate posts in Bucklebury to be ‘ripped down’ and burned. You guys, calm down!

– Popping over the The Court Jeweller, this piece about Queen Astrid of Belgium is so so interesting and you HAVE to see the foliage she’s wearing on her head for her wedding.

– Princess Estelle continues to be THE CUTEST. (Royalista)

Edward and Sophie popped over to a tea party this week; I wish I could see the rest of her outfit! Let’s decide IT’S BONKERS. (Factually Royal)

The Independent talks to the man who chauffeured QE2 around Malta this last week, and it is MUCH more interesting than I just made it sound.

Prince Albert chatted with People about the twins’ birthday, which is on the 10th. He seriously seems so much happier than he used to.  I also like to imagine that Albert now just rings up Simon Perry, People’s senior royals reporter, and chats with him about whatever like every three days or so, just to let People know what he’s doing and how he feels about stuff.

– You ABSOLUTELY want to watch this video of Harry falling — twice! — off his polo pony over the weekend. (Paper)

– I discussed this in the slideshow a bit, but it’s a lovely story: Prince Harry Reunited with African Orphan Friend at Charity Center Honoring Princess Diana: ‘We Shared a Similar Feeling of Loss.’ (People)

– At Vanity Fair: Prince Harry Says That He Is the “Cooler Brother.” My fave bit was: “When told by the professor that William would not be notified of this comment, Harry just laughed, remarking, ‘He knows it!'”

– I find this totally fascinating and deeply nerdy (in a good way): The Peerage: A Primer on Understanding Lords, Ladies, Dukes, Earls and More. (Anglotopia)

– Also interesting: Great London Buildings: Windsor Castle – The Queen’s Preferred Weekend Home With a Long Royal History (Londontopia)

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