Fug Nation: Christmas is a week from today. If you celebrate, you better start your list making! (I AM SO BEHIND!) While you procrastinate on that, though, please enjoy the following:

– Lainey is, of course, all over the current Josh Jackson/Diane Kruger drama.

GQ has compiled all of their Star Wars coverage throughout the years and it is pretty rad. Billy Dee Williams finger paints!

– On that topic, at Gizmodo: Star Wars Merchandising Is Even More Absurd Outside the US

– This is so wrong and so, so funny, at Pajiba: A Serious Discussion of Which Original Trilogy ‘Star Wars’ Character Is Best In Bed. “Rebecca: I mean, Lando owns a damn city. He has that sweet space cape. You know as soon as he joined the Rebel Alliance people were jumping all over him. You wouldn’t expect him to stick around the next morning, necessarily.”

– I love this British meteorologist who worked a LOT of Star Wars references into her forecast yesterday morning, all very straight-faced. (The Hollywood Gossip)

– And finally, if you haven’t seen Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and the Star Wars cast sing various songs from Star Wars…just do yourself a favor. It’s even better than it sounds.

Can I interest you in Shirtless Sam Heughan? Thought so. (Celebitchy)

– At The Toast: Please Recommend Your Favorite Trashy Memoirs

– Let’s eyeball some 18th century shoes! (All Things Georgian)

– I really enjoyed this piece about the Ava DuVernay Barbie at Afrobella.

– This is a very moving essay about infertility and baseball, at Hazlitt: The Year in Coming Close.

– At Buzzfeed: Someone Drew “Hamilton” As A Disney Movie And It’s Amazing

– Also at Buzzfeed: Tina and Amy are perfect and wonderful.

– I love this, at New York: This 116-Year-Old Brooklyn Woman Is the World’s Oldest Person. She’s also sporting a turban and sunglasses.

– The Cut’s story about the first black, trans model is fascinating, and sad, and moving.

– Via Racked, we learned Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Won’t Be Dress Twins Because Dior Has No ‘Sense of Humor’

– At this point, can’t Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx just confirm that they’re madly in love?!?!?! (Lainey)

– At Vox: On Clue’s 30th anniversary, an ode to the flames on the side of Madeline Kahn’s face

– Get cozy and get reading: Longreads Best of 2015: Crime Reporting

– We were delighted to be on Mom Advice’s Sundays With Writers series, talking about The Royal We — our process, research, themes, the movie, what’s up next, all kinds of stuff.