This week was saddening, exhausting, and enraging, to be quite honest. I hope you found some moments of peace and distraction within it. To our readers in Spain, I hope you are safe and well.

Racked has a great piece on the history of polo shirts in America, and the connection to current horrifying events: Charlottesville White Supremacists Missed the Jewish Connection to Their Polos.  “That the polo shirt has become the uniform of white supremacy is jarring not only because it gives this group a look of polished normalcy, but also because the preppy aesthetic is tied up in the complicated history of what it means to be Jewish in America. There’s a certain irony here in that from pivoting from an anonymous white hood, white supremacists connect themselves to the cultures they seek to oppress. In Charlottesville, we saw this with polos and tiki torches; who knows what they will co-opt next.”

Harper’s has selected bits from the jury selection at the Martin Shkreli trial and honestly they brought me such joy. Spoiler: Everyone think he looks like a total dick. WHICH HE IS.

I’m sure you saw the photo of the woman that HuffPo speaks to in this piece: This Woman Escaped The Nazis Once. Now She’s Fighting Nazism Again. She’s not backing down. May we all be so passionately invested in the world at her age (and, frankly, any age).

Some good news, for once! Remember that hot hot Tongan Olympian? You DO. He carried their flag? He was shirtless? We all thought he was hot? He’s taken up cross-country skiing so he can be a dual-Olympic threat. I SUPPORT THIS. [ESPN]

Rihanna has MADE A LINE OF SOCKS depicting her most famous fashion moments. They are AMAZING. [Glamour]

Racked has a really interesting piece about the business of quinceañeras — and also about family, community ties, history, and today’s teenagers. It’s very well-worth your time.

Splinter presents what I’ll call Go Fug The U.S. Capitol’s Confederate Statues. (To coin a phrase; we didn’t write it.) It is really good. For example: “I don’t know why they all have these awful capes. He looks like he’s wearing a duvet. “

This is a fascinating piece at The Atlantic from a fashion historian and costume curator. “I am not a fashion designer. The worst sin I can commit at my job is trying on the clothes in my care, or allowing someone else to, because museum pieces are for studying, preserving, and displaying, not for wearing. But it’s the wearing that gives them meaning. And it’s often the flaws in a garment—the discolorations, the smells, the split seams, the runaway sequins—that speak the loudest, poignant reminders of the lives lived in them.”

Let’s get real. You might want to look at pics of David Boreanez in costume as a hot Navy SEAL and I would not blame you. [Pajiba]

This is a tremendously good and very engrossing read, at Deadspin: The Fallout From Sportswriting’s Filthiest Fuck-Up. It’s like…WORDS to the extreme.

This is so close to my heart, at Revelist: I tried luxury vs. drugstore makeup wipes to see if the splurge is worth it. My own PERSONAL faves are these Pixie ones (I get mine at Target).

Lee Radziwill is selling her Parisian apartment and we should totally buy it, right? It’s gorgeous. Only four million bucks! [Town & Country]

Speaking of escapes, Refinery29 has a guide to Europe’s most glamorous beach towns.

This is great, at Atlas Obscura: How 7 Sisters Made a Fortune off Their Rapunzel-Like Hair. It has EVERYTHING: Old time-y hair tonics, so-called freak shows, major eccentricities, old pictures of women with EXTREMELY long hair.

Bachelor in Paradise is a nightmare this season and they’ve really bungled the way they’ve chosen to handle its allegations of sexual assault (which proved to be unfounded). Buzzfeed has an interesting take on it.

This a great piece review of Kesha’s new album from Ira Madison at the Daily Beast. You guys, I heard her new single in the car the other day and I did that thing where I sat in the garage for several minutes until it was over. It’s so good.

Lainey speculates that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield MIGHT be getting back together. We need this now, you guys!

Remember yesterday, when we had a long convo about why all the celebs in LA got tickets for Hamilton opening night, from a logistical standpoint? The Hollywood Reporter has a piece about this very subject — or, more accurately, about how everyone who works on Hamilton has people emailing them ALL THE TIME to ask for tickets. 

I’m pretty sure you want to see Celine Dion be the most enthusiastic hockey mom ever, right? [Lainey]

At Curbed: Mansplaining The City: Why are men driving the conversation about the future of our neighborhoods? 

Chris Evans loves his dog and I LOVE YOU CHRIS EVANS. [Celebitchy]

Pacey is heading to Broadway, in Children of a Lesser God. Take my ticket money now! Except I’m not in New York. Details! [Playbill]