I am sort of amused by the idea that we’re all so worn out by this year that we can really only manage ONE piece of clothing from here on out. DON’T MAKE US THINK TOO HARD.

While I was prepping this post, I came to a realization: I am dying for someone to write a novel loosely based on LeAnn Rhimes. It is a juicy tale: A profoundly talented protagonist who finds great fame and wealth at a young age, who married her first love before ever truly getting to be a single adult woman, and who then later leaves that marriage because she fell in love with a hot, cocky actor on the set of a Lifetime movie. Marrying the aforementioned cocky actor brings her into constant contact with his deeply needy ex-wife, who originally presents as an amusingly straightforward sympathetic figure — albeit a potty-mouthed one — but who eventually reveals herself to be a giant pile of crazy. Shenanigans ensue. Actually, this sounds like a Lifetime movie. Would a Lifetime movie about a woman who caused great drama in her own personal life after taking a job on a Lifetime movie plunge us all into some kind of Lifetime Inception?

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