You might think that Anya Taylor-Joy CANNOT be dressed thematically for Furiosa, given that it’s in the post-apocalyptic Mad Max world, and I don’t believe there are a TON of human pincushions in it. But here is my argument that she is:

Furiosa poster

It KIND OF seems like she’s evoking the poster, right? From the spiky imagery to the metallic to her pose, although admittedly she often stands like that. SURELY none of those parallels can be accidental.

The outfit is Paco Rabanne from 1996, but in terms of impact, it feels like it’s from Zendaya’s vintage Mugler robot suit playbook: It’s roughly the same era, it’s dramatic-looking, it’s a deep dive, it’s gonna get people talking, it probably wasn’t TOTALLY comfortable to move in, or sit. And we KNOW Anya loves a headpiece, so that’s a bonus.

[Photos: Don Arnold/WireImage, Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]