Here we are again, friends! I hope you are all safe and well, and your loved ones are, too. Please stay home if you have the ability to do so. And while we’re here, if you are an American, I hope you are registered to vote. You can register or double check your registration here. I would strongly suggest considering signing up to vote-by-mail, if your state allows it; this Vice piece explains the situation and how to do it by state. (I ALSO really like to go in on election day, but given the current circumstances, it seems prudent to consider your other options, in case we are in a second wave of coronavirus come November.)

Here at GFY of possible use:

First of all, we got a very helpful email from a Fug National that I wanted to share in part in case it helps you or someone you love: “I’m emailing in because I volunteer for an organization that I think might be helpful for Fug Nation to know about. It’s Crisis Text Line, and it’s just what it sounds like, a 24/7, confidential number that anyone who’s in crisis can text in to and you’ll be connected to a crisis counselor. The number is 741741 in the U.S. and Canada. All of the crisis counselors and the people who supervise us work remotely (and always have), so we are uniquely able to offer assistance without heightening risk. We have a lot of practical resources to offer texters, including COVID-19-specific information. We hear from all kinds of folks as well, including more front-line workers recently, as well as people dealing with grief.”  Thank you!

Tips and Tricks from Fug Nation about how to make this easier, including lots of good mask intel.

Here’s a round-up of ways you can help other people during these times; please please consider donating blood right now, in particular, if you are able. We need it desperately.

Here are some podcast suggestions, if you need distraction.

Finally, I rounded up some soft clothes.

News you can use at the NYT: The Food Expiration Dates You Should Actually Follow

Also useful at the NYT: How to Handwash Your Clothes

At Mental Floss: Take a Virtual Tour of Belgium’s Sourdough Library. Thanks, I will!!

Kizzmekia Corbett is amazing: Meet the ‘Outstanding’ 34-Year-Old Scientist Leading the Charge on Coronavirus Vaccine Trials. [People]

Lainey is RIGHT: Britney Spears is here to save us

Interesting, at T&C: How the Coronavirus Is Upending the Gossip Industry

At Celebitchy: It took four weeks of lockdown for January Jones to go completely bonkers

At Collectors Weekly, fascinating: The Great Glass Coffin Scam: When Hucksters Sold the Fantasy of Death Without Decay

I saw some of this when it happened and it was kind of great: Jennifer Lopez Reunites With Diddy In Easter Sunday Dance-A-Thon. [Socialite Life]

The new issue of T, the New York Times magazine, is “the culture issue,” which, in their words, “celebrates various groups of creative people who, whether united by outlook or identity, happenstance or choice, built communities that have shaped the larger cultural landscape.” It’s really interesting and good and has LOTs for you to read.

This is from February, but we need it right now. Via PopSugar: Someone Made a Montage of Moira Saying “Bebe” on Schitt’s Creek

At Texas Monthly — one of the best magazines in America, for my money: Strong as Grass: A Year After a Devastating Tornado, the Caddo Nation Rebuilds in East Texas

Truth, at The Mary Sue: Steak-umm’s Twitter Account Is a Brilliant, Bizarre Voice of Reason in Our Coronavirus Era


At the NYT (I read a lot of the New York Times this week, it seems): Reese Witherspoon’s Fashion Line Offered Free Dresses to Teachers. They Didn’t Mean Every Teacher. What a mess.

This is fun, at SB Nation: Tell us your favorite NBA team and we’ll give you a book to read

I too am ready for the return of Cameron Diaz. [Lainey]

At Messy Nessy Chic, this is really interesting: Men in Tights and Tutus: The Decadence of the Sun King’s Male Ballets